unexpected change.  Facebook and Messenger will become one app again

The most disappointing breakup in 2014 and the most unexpected meeting in 2023. This is how you can define the relationship between Facebook and Messenger, which Meta wants to unite in a single application. Therefore, the company is opening beta tests of the new Facebook chat.

In 2014, Facebook was flooded with a wave of criticism, and users were hit by a wave of frustration. At the time, the world’s most popular social networking site separated its two most important components into two separate applications: Facebook and Messenger. The Messenger app was already quite good at the time, but having to install additional software to access one of the platform’s key features brought the rating down from 4 stars to 1.5 stars.

After nearly a decade (actually much earlier) we have become accustomed to the fact that Facebook is the only social network that requires us to install it twice. Meanwhile, Messenger has become a fairly large messenger with a wide range of features.

Facebook and Messenger together again. Meta plans to reconnect the application

To everyone’s surprise, Mita wants to return what she once fired. On March 7, the company published a blog post in which it shared plans for Facebook and information about the current state of the platform. At the end of the post, the service coyly mentioned plans to reintegrate its inbox with the Facebook app.

We are testing The ability to access your Messenger inbox in the Facebook app And you will soon see this testing extended. […]next year We’ll be building more ways to integrate Facebook’s messaging feature. Ultimately, we want to make it easy and convenient to connect and share with people, whether in the Messenger app or directly on Facebook.

Facebook CEO Tom Allison said

There has been talk of reconnecting Messenger and Facebook for several weeks now. At the end of 2022, a small group of users got access to a test function “Facebook Chat”, which gave them access to send messages directly in the social network application.

Is Mita generous?

Meta’s decision to merge the two apps is not a tribute to users, but a desperate attempt to keep the site alive. Recall, at the beginning of 2022, Facebook lost its users for the first time in history. Although, according to many data, it is still the largest social networking site, it does not attract young users – their main areas of interest are Instagram and TikTok. To keep Facebook alive, Instagram users have options to share posts to Facebook, while Meta copied the format of short vertical videos from TikTok to make both sites more attractive. The reintegration of Facebook and Messenger seems to be another attempt to keep up with other social networks, which constantly offer their users the ability to send private messages – without installing additional software.

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