Jacek Bartosiak and General Skrzybzak launch a geopolitical game

“We planned the official presentation and first public demo of ‘Play of Battle’ on October 26 at Kinoteka in Warsaw to present the effects of our work to players and investors. We were particularly interested in achieving a very high level of realism characteristic of ‘the best war games,’” commented Jacek Bartosiak , President of Play of Battle.

The Company’s Supervisory Board established in 2021 includes, among others: General Waldemar Skrzepczak, and the Advisor to the Board of Directors is Prof. Norman Davies, well-known historian and author of the monumental book God’s Playground. History of Poland.” The entire Play of Battle team consists of 17 people who combine competencies in both game production and knowledge of contemporary political and military geography.

The result of their work is a game with the same title as the company’s name. The idea of ​​​​the game “Play of Battle” arose several years ago, but work on the project began in the second half of 2021. The place and time of the action in the game is the world in the years 2008-25. The creators aim to reproduce the current political situation, state behavior, regional and global conflicts.

“Realism must be reflected in what leaders struggle with in the field of modern conflicts, which are largely carried out through diplomatic and economic activities and economic and technological sanctions, taking into account the so-called escalation ladder of conflict,” Bartosiak explained, in the press release. As a last resort, through military action.”

The game aims to combine features of so-called grand strategy wargames, a genre that allows players to control a specific country in a complex real-time strategy (RTS) game. Players will be able to control a selected country at the geostrategic level and fight battles at the operational and tactical level. The game will also have high replayability, meaning the player will be able to pick it up and play it multiple times, the release states.

The presentation of the “Play of Battle” demo scheduled for October 26 is a milestone in the development of the production and a summary of the conceptual phase. The purpose of creating a prototype was to reflect as faithfully as possible the reality presented in the work of the doctor. Jacek Bartosiak and his transfer to the game world – sums up the company.

Play Of Battle’s shareholder is NewConnect-listed Polish gaming producer Noobz, which owns approximately 40 percent. Action and has released games like “Total Tank Simulator” in the past. Playing the battle in the so-called through equity crowdfunding, he received 1.54 million Polish zlotys from investors for the project.

Michal Kopecky

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