Ukrainians hit a Russian ship.  They inflicted heavy losses

Kostiantyn Olszański, is a ship built in Poland, at the Gdańsk shipyard. The Russians seized it in March 2014, after the start of the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula. The ship was then anchored in Lake Donuzlav, located west of the Crimean Peninsula, and was unable to leave its waters because the Russians blocked the narrow passage from the lake to the Black Sea, which led to the sinking of two old ships in it.

Putin's army launched an attack on the Ukrainian ship from a boat, throwing grenades at it and opening fire. There were about 20 sailors on Olszański's ship at that time. They took shelter with the captain from the attackers inside the unit. The number of enemy forces reached about 200 individuals.

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The Ukrainians reported that the ship had been cruising in the Sevastopol Bay for 9 years. There it was disassembled into parts, but the decision was made to rebuild it. – In the tenth year of the war, the Russians realized that they were running out of large ships, so they decided to use them. This prompted us to use Neptune,” a Ukrainian Navy spokesman said.

According to Dmytro Pletinchuk, the Ukrainian army inflicted heavy damage on other Russian ships. Among them are Azov, Yamal and Ivan Khors. The spokesman said that the attackers would not be able to perform any combat missions with it.

Neptune missiles are weapons developed and manufactured by Ukroboronprom. They entered the armed forces in 2020. Production began 6 years ago after the annexation of Crimea.

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