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Princess Kate in the Bahamas. Weather ruined their design

Princess Kate and Prince William in the Bahamas. The weather played a trick on them and almost spoiled the perfect design of the heir to the throne wife. Effect? Amazing Photos.

Princess Kate And the Prince William They were on an official eight-day trip. This is the first such long chapter about the children who remain in London under the care of a nanny. They have already visited Belize and Jamaica, among others. These countries still remember the colonial era, thus visiting members of the monarchy It evokes mixed feelings among the residents. Although they are received with the highest honor by government officials, the public staged several protests just before their arrival.

wife Prince William While traveling, she impresses with her amazing creations. The press writes about it Evening dresses that make her look like a star. In Jamaica, the couple participated in a military parade during which the heir to the throne presented a formal dress for the ceremony, and his wife wore a beautiful lace dress and matching hat. They looked great, and enthusiastic observers found that rumors of a chill in their relationship could be set in fairy tales.

They are currently in the Bahamas. There the aura played a trick on them, and the rain almost spoiled the perfect thing a look Kate. But the pictures are exceptional.

Weather in the Bahamas ruined Princess Kate’s look

Kate wore a self-portrait dress, Jimmy Choo shoes and Nadia Campbell earrings while visiting Sybil Strachan Primary School in Nassau. Her beautiful appearance was almost spoiled by the weather. However, the Duchess did not pay much attention to this, even joking:

I hope you don’t get wet coming here and regret bringing the British weather with you. We are so excited to be here in the Bahamas, the country where we felt at home as soon as we set foot on its soil. Too bad we weren’t able to visit all 700 islands during our stay! – She said in her speech.

The unfavorable aura did not affect Kate’s well-being at all. Smiling, she resisted the rain and wind gusts, and the result was pictures like a movie.

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