Ukrainian Olympic champion in a trap.  His girl goes all over the world

We are afraid to sleep in our apartment. I myself saw through the window how air defense systems were flying towards enemy missiles, and there were powerful explosions – Oeksandr Abramenko reports in an interview with John Branch, a journalist from the New York Times.

“Meldonium Sasha”. Putin fan will lose his mind and show his true face

“Anti-aircraft sirens are still working”

They both chatted to each other on Friday. For Abramenka and his family – Alexandra’s wife and two-year-old son Dmitry – their seventh night was in an underground garage, which they consider safer than their 20th-floor apartment near the main building Kyiv Airport.

– The anti-aircraft sirens are still working, says Abramenko, who knew on Friday that it was time to leave Kyiv and go to the western end UkraineNear the border between Hungary and Slovakia. – We plan to go to the coaches of Enwer Abajew, who lives in Mukachevo in Transcarpathia. We move the car, I take with me the necessary things, food and medals.

Mexico football brawlSuddenly all hell broke out on the field. Blood, motionless bodies. Dantesque scenes

They no longer had time to talk to each other, but Branch tweeted that he would try to report Abramenka’s fate. Those are unknown at the moment, because contact with them was lost late Friday evening. This can be understandable, because in normal times the flight to Transcarpathia takes up to 10 hours. Today the times are not normal – especially in Ukraine, where there is regular war and no one is sure what the next days will bring.

Abramenko is also worried about his parents, who live in Mikageo, a port city on the Black Sea, where he grew up and where regular fights now take place. My parents are sitting at home and you hear explosions. It is dangerous to leave this city now. In addition, they want to be there, says Abramenko, whose most important task is now to get to Mukachevo, and only after that they begin to think about the next steps.

‘It was a general call for peace’

Abramenko, 33, is a freestyle skater who specializes in acrobatic jumps. Three weeks ago he was in China. At his fifth Olympic Games, where he first, as a sick person, lowered the Ukrainian flag at the opening ceremony, and then waved silver. It will be the only Ukrainian medal in these games. The second in Abramenko’s career, four years ago in Pyeongchang, he sought gold. Then she now stood on the podium with Russian figure skater Eli Boro, who was winning the bar.

The mayor of Lviv, Vitali Klitschko, with his brother W.The Klitschko brothers remain until the end. Final decision. “It would be treason”

“It was a gesture that transcended the growing tension between nations,” the New York Times wrote of the Abramenko ghetto. Beijing games Presses the finish line for Borov. It was a few days after another Ukrainian athlete – the owner of the skeleton Vladislav Giraskowic – showed cameras a card in the colors of the Ukrainian flag emblazoned with the inscription “No to war in Ukraine” after entering the Olympics.

I want peace in my country and peace in the world. This is my opinion. Fight for peace. It’s really tense in Ukraine right now. This should not be the case in the 21st century, explains Geraskiewicz in his gesture, which the International Olympic Committee immediately addressed. “It was a general call for peace. For us, the topic is closed,” – wrote about the district of Gerasquez in the statement of the International Olympic Committee, which warned athletes against political demonstrations before each Olympics.

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