Knockout in volleyball in the Nations League.  Polish women have no mercy on their rivals

For now, Arlington feels as happy for Poland as Antalya. After defeating the Serbs 3-1 The Poles did not give the next team a chance. The fast-paced Polish team destroyed its opponents, especially in the third group.

Coach of the match against South Korea Stefano Lavarini It was covered by a slightly rearranged lineup. I’ve got the day off Magdalena Stesiakto the warehouse Malwina Smrzyk, who returns to the national team, jumped. There were also changes in the midfield, playmaking and reception. However, the Italians had somewhat limited room for maneuver. She wasn’t able to play Martina CzernicaWho will not help the team in this tournament – replace him Giulietta PiasicaBut for procedural reasons, she has not been able to help her friends yet.

However, the Polish volleyball players dominated from the beginning of the match. They led 6:3 after clever play into the net Monica Fiducio. When the Whites and Reds were leading 12:7, he was the opposition coach Fernando Morales Request a break. But then the Polish women continued to score points. I scored a good ace Katarzyna WinierskaThe difference was seven points.

Serving was the strength of the Polish team. Weronika Senka, who was making her debut in the UEFA Nations League, performed well in attack. However, the big lead comforted the Polish team a little, there were communication problems on the field and the Koreans scored points. But it was the Whites and Reds who finished the set with a block – the point was scored by Smarczyk, and Poland won 25:20.

Polish volleyball players did not give their opponents a chance. Great entry from Joanna Bacak

Koreans for the match against the Poles They have won just one Nations League match this year. In Arlington, they started with a 3-2 loss to the Bulgarians. They started the second set of Thursday’s match with a 5-1 lead. When they stopped Smerzyk with a block, Lavarini couldn’t stand it and stopped the match. The result came immediately, and the “white and red” resulted in a draw.

In the second part of the group, the Poles gained the advantage, leading by a margin of 16:13. However, the Koreans put up a fight. So Lavarini decided to make a double change His team jumped on serve again Joanna and Loosz. In the end, the nominal libero introduced to the receiving line showed good performance Justina Lysiak. The Poles won confidently, the score was 25:20 thanks to an attack from the right flank of Smarzyk.

The Polish national team entered the third match with Joanna Bacak. Central started the game brightly, scoring point after point, with the Whites and Reds leading 6-0. The advantage was growing, and after a while it reached eight points. Feduciu became the leader of the Polish national team in attack. Who was treated for an overuse foot injury after the season. The Koreans cut their losses for a while, but their enthusiasm was dampened by Smerzyk’s serve.

On the Korean side, it stood out Jeong JeonBut that was not enough to stand up to the Poles. The third set was a real knockout – The Whites and Reds won with a score of 25:10The full match is 3:0.

The Polish women will play their third match in Arlington on Friday. The competitors will be German womenWith whom the Whites and Reds won last year in the quarter-finals of the European Nations League.

South Korea: Suhoi, Jeongjah, Dahyun, Jeon, Dain, Joah – Dahi (Libro) Oraz Jeon, Jeon

Poland: Smartzyk, Jurczyk, Lukasik, Vinerska, Sintka, Fidosio-Szczyglowska (libero), Stysiak, Lusz, Lysiak, Bacak.

The 5 best moves in the Poland-Serbia match. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Malwina Smarczyk (center) in the colors of the Polish national team/Maciej Napora/East News/East News

Veronica Seneca/ matter

Monica Fiducio/Andrzej Iwanczuk/Reporter/Reporter

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