Ukrainian army recaptured.  There they surrounded five thousand people.  Russian soldiers.  'I'll have to give up' |  News from the world

Ukrainian troops entered the city of Lyman in Donetsk Oblast. A video clip appeared on the network of soldiers who hung the Ukrainian flag at the entrance to the city. The governor of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Haiday, said that the troops have surrounded about five thousand Russian soldiers there.

“Now they will try to break through, or they will have to surrender,” wrote Serhi Hedag, because – he added – all routes of withdrawal or transfer of weapons to another place have been cut off.

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities announced that after the liberation of Lyman, the Ukrainian army would be able to begin to liberate the lands occupied by Russia in the Luhansk region.

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Zelensky told the Russians: Get away from our land, our souls and our culture.

Ukrainian on Friday president He also awarded medals to the soldiers of the units participating in the offensive, including those who had captured the town of Jampil near yman.

The war in Ukraine. situation in front

The Russians stormed the last 24 hours in the vicinity of Bakhmut and Donetsk. Ukrainian Security Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov expects this Russia He can intensify his attacks there. As he indicated, there may be an attempt to escalate the situation in the near future due to mobilization in Russia.

The Russians are bombing Ukrainian towns. They have carried out more than 50 such attacks in the past 24 hours.

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The “Southern” Ukrainian Operations Command stated that the army was in control of the situation in the southern section of the front. However, the leadership statement acknowledged that the situation was tense.

According to the “Southern” command, the Ukrainian forces are actively involved in creating the conditions for an attack on different sections of the front. In the Kherson region, the Ukrainians shot down a Russian Ka-52 helicopter.

Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian artillery has carried out 330 combat missions. Among other things, three as my husbandtwo armored personnel carriers, two self-propelled howitzers and a rocket launcher.hail“At least 10 Russians were killed.

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