Lewandowski took his number away and took a bit off the team.  Now he reveals why football was

Memphis Depay is undoubtedly the most affected player Transfer Robert Lewandowski’s F.C.B. The Dutchman had to give up the number “9” in favor of the pole, and most importantly, he lost his place in the starting lineup. Lewandowski’s position since the beginning of his stay in the Catalan capital is unquestionable, and Depay has been given the freedom to search for a new club.

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Memphis Depay revealed the reason for his stay in Barcelona. He’s not afraid to compete with Robert Lewandowski

The 28-year-old has been primarily associated with Juventus, and there has also been talk of Manchester United. However, the rumors ended, and the footballer decided to stay in Barcelona. Many people were surprised by this move. Depay explained the reason for this decision in an interview with the Dutch branch of ESPN.

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During the summer, many clubs advanced but I looked at these options and decided to fight for my place in Barcelona. I like competition and I don’t run away from it. The Dutchman said shortly afterwards that I was happy to be in Barcelona.

It is clear that the Dutchman cannot be satisfied with his position at the club, but he always behaves in great style, speaking only superlatives about “Leoy”.

– He is a very smart football player. When one of us occupies a certain space, space is freed up in another. When he takes the ball, he acts expressively. He told the club’s media after the latter that he is a great striker match League with Elche, where the gentlemen played side by side. Pole and Dutchman shared the goal result. Lewandowski hit twice and Depay once thanks to that Barcelona She won 3: 0. He added – I hope we can perform together.

Thursday, Memphis Depay i Robert Lewandowski They will face each other in the League of Nations match Poland and the Netherlands at the National Stadium. The match starts at 20:45.

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