Ukraine.  The brigade destroyed 25 Russian tanks in four days

The Russians concentrated a very large number of tanks in this area. One unit was almost destroyed Tank battalion (…) Within a few days,” military expert Ivan Kirichevsky said in an interview with, adding that the Russians increased the number of armored vehicles in the Kubyansk and Liman sectors to 1,000.

“In the last 24 hours something happened 68 clashes in various sections of the front. The Ukrainian General Staff said on Facebook on Sunday evening, “Russian forces tried unsuccessfully to advance in the east, while the Ukrainian armed forces continue their offensive operations in the Melitopol and Bakhmut sectors.”

Ukrainian success in the Donetsk region

Ukrainian forces have successfully tied up large Russian forces in the Velika Novoselka sector, west of the city of Voledar in the Donetsk region. – The British Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday.

As stated in the daily intelligence update. The sector has become relatively calm over the past four weeksThe fighting was much less intense than in June and July 2023. During the summer, Ukraine almost certainly liberated at least 125 square kilometers of territory on this axis.

It was noted that Ukrainian operations in this sector restricted elements of the Russian 36th and Fifth armies of the Eastern Military District of Russia, preventing them from strengthening other areas. They also restricted a number of Russian airborne units.

“While this axis stabilizes, Russian forces will likely remain on the defensive to protect against any potential attacks Future Ukrainian offensive operations. “It is unlikely that there will be a significant withdrawal of Russian forces from this axis during the next six weeks.”

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