The war in Ukraine.  The tenth package of sanctions against Russia.  “The Strongest and Longest Ranged”

On the anniversary of the Kremlin’s launch of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the European Union approved the tenth package of sanctions against Russia, the Swedish presidency announced the group on Friday before midnight, acknowledging that they are “the strongest and far-reaching”. This package is an “action against Russian disinformation” and Russian propaganda blacklists.

The Swedish Presidency of the European Union wrote on Twitter: “The EU Member States have imposed the strongest and strongest sanctions together to help Ukraine win the war.”

Will the European Union fight Russian disinformation?

“The European Union is united with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We will support Ukraine as long as necessary,” she added.

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One of the points is “Actions against Russian disinformation.”

“The past two days have been the intensification of efforts to make the tenth package of sanctions as strong as possible. And they are really strong. In memory of aggression. They cover new areas, new lists of people, and Polish conditions mean that their implementation will hit Russia in many dimensions and support Ukraine, “- wrote the minister European Union Shimon Zinkowski Phil Sock on Twitter.

Advocates on the “black” list of the community

The tenth package of sanctions aims to make it more difficult for Vladimir Putin to finance the war and to prevent the import of technical equipment and weapons components used in the invasion of Ukraine.

Therefore, it is supposed to isolate more Russian banks, including private Alfa-Bank and online bank Tinkoff, from the global SWIFT system and reduce trade between the EU and Russia by more than 10 billion euros.

The EU has also blacklisted more Russians, including Russian propagandists, as well as people Kiev believes are responsible for deporting Ukrainian children to Russia and people involved in the production of Iranian drones used by the Russian military in Ukraine.

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The restriction package includes: dual-use goods and actions against entities that support war, propaganda, or supply drones used by Russia.

Earlier, Poland’s permanent representative to the European Union, Andrzej Sadoch, said that Poland had agreed to accept the tenth package of sanctions against Russia, but the approval was conditional and depended on six points.


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