Thunder Uli Hoeness.  Also in the case of "Lewy".  "If you break his leg tomorrow..."

On the poor performance of some players:

– Competitors should take more responsibility. The blame always falls on the coach or the sporting director, but the truth is that few players have not played well since Christmas. These players need to feel more pressure.

In spam articles:

– The club management should tell reporters: If you say this again, you will not see Saebener Strasse for a week. Bayern is currently the game of some media. It can’t be like this. I blame the club for that.

On the Lewandowski case:

We are German champions and we only talk about the negative. We’re just talking about week-long contracts. The Lewandowski case is something completely normal in this business. He still has a contract with us. One side says, “I want to leave.” Second: “We don’t allow that.” Whoever wants to leave has to say, “Well, I have to accept this.”

– If you break Lewandowski’s leg tomorrow, we cannot say, “Well, you can leave now, because you will not be needed here.” He did a great job here. Bayern paid him generous money. He has a one-year contract, after which we’ll see. Maybe he’ll sign a three-year contract with us next year. might happen.

– It’s all because of money. I am sure he will have a good season for us.

About Sports Director Salihamidzic:

Hassan fell victim to a “witch hunt”. He is not solely responsible for the transportation policy. I’ve never heard any praise from anyone that he’s responsible for six league titles. Only now he is responsible. It is not acceptable.

Read also – Sentencing Salihamidzic. Because of him, Leoy wants to leave Bayern Munich

About coach Julian Nagelsmann:

He learned a lesson that Rome was not built in a day. I think he achieved the most important thing at Bayern – the title. And the rest will come. Hardly anyone remembers that we beat Salzburg 7-1 here. But there were also matches in Bochum, Augsburg and Mönchengladbach. Losses happen, but we get lost more often. You have to work on it. Some players didn’t play as well as they did before Christmas.

On the problems of the second half of the season:

– Before Christmas, I was sitting in the playground and thinking: “Wow!” Then all of a sudden we stopped playing. We have to analyze it. Hebert Hainer said today that Covid hit us incredibly in January and February. Then this whole thing Joshua Kimmich [piłkarz nie chciał przyjąć szczepienia, będąc za to mocno krytykowanym, a wkrótce sam zachorował – przyp. red.]. Not only did it affect the band, but it also affected them as it took them so long to get back into shape.

Successful championship season. If we had reached the semi-finals of the Champions League it would have been very good. We couldn’t fulfill the dream that we achieve every year. I think it’s our fault. It wasn’t that the others were better, we played disastrously, especially in the first match against Villarreal. In the rematch, we didn’t take advantage of the chances we were creating.

– When you go 1-0 up you can’t concede a goal in the 88th minute. Everyone on the field was confident that if there was extra time we would go to the semi-finals. The fact that we were counted at home was not worthy of Bayern Munich.

On the transfers of Borussia Dortmund: Soel, Schlutterbeek and Adeyemi:

They got second place in the league.

* Quotes from Sport Bild, Sky Sport and

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