Copernicus is nearing completion.  A new round of financing for the TAE reactor

Copernicus is a prototype hydrogen-boron thermonuclear reactor being developed by TAE Technologies. The progress in its construction is astounding.

TAE . Technologies It announced that it had acquired strategic and institutional investments to finance the construction of another research reactor. We’re talking about a new research reactor called Norman. This is another vessel after Copernicus that reached a temperature of over 135 million degrees Celsius.

A new method of nuclear fusion

The method used by TAE Technologies is the fastest, most realistic and most cost-effective way to supply the grid with large amounts of zero-emission electricity. The goal of TAE’s Copernicus reactor, to be built in Irvine, California, is to demonstrate that an advanced field inverted configuration (FRC) driven by a beam of radiation can generate net energy, the final step toward commercializing clean fusion energy.

The Norman reactor was developed in 2017 by TAE to keep plasma at 30 million degrees Celsius. The machine has demonstrated its ability to keep the plasma stable at a temperature of 75 million degrees Celsius, which is 250% more than initially assumed.

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The TAE project has now raised $250 million. From investors from the energy, technology and engineering sectors. New investors include Chevron, Google, Remade Ventures, Sumitomo Corporation of America, and TIFF Investment Management, as well as a large investment fund based on the West Coast of the United States and a large American pension fund.

The caliber and interest of our investors confirm the significant technical progress we have made and support our goal of beginning merger marketing by the end of this decade. Global demand for electricity is growing exponentially and we have a moral obligation to do everything in our power to develop a basic energy solution that is safe, carbon-neutral and economically viable.Michael Penderbauer, CEO of TAE Technologies

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