Ukraine: "More than 4,000 Russian war crimes", except for Mariupol!  - O2

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Irina Wendiktova, in an interview with the French station “BFMTV”, reported the number of Russian war crimes. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, that is, as of February 24, the services of the defending state were to enroll more than 4,000 people. Brutal incidents targeting Ukrainian citizens by the Russians. However, this is only the beginning, the attorney general reported.

We counted more than 4,000 who said they were Russian war crimes, and we have not yet been able to investigate what is happening in Mariupol.

Irina Wendiktova explains that the figures are taken from research conducted on Ukrainian territory. Many of the activities that have been undertaken to generate detailed data are still in progress or not yet started.

With regard to the genocide, we started the investigation from the early days of the war, the attorney general said.

War crimes committed by the Russians in Ukraine. More than 4000 accidents

“To this day, 168 children have died and that’s a direct number we can confirm. There is a name behind every character,” Wenediktowa said on Monday, April 4th. “There are other cases that have not been confirmed,” she added.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General also explained that the authorities are currently working to bring all those responsible to justice. I spoke of those who started and advocated this war and created the conditions for a war in Ukraine. She mentioned the soldiers who invaded the country and issued specific orders.

Wendiktova told BFMTV that the criminals should be brought to justice.

The prosecutor confirmed that all evidence of the crimes of the Russian forces It will be brought before the “Ukrainian Courts and then before the International Criminal Court”.

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