PlayStation 5 Pro - Fact or Myth?

Is it the result of oblivion or a weakening of the console’s historical popularity in the late 1990s? Especially here, in a country sometimes called “PlayStation country”? This practice has already had its place in the annals of the gaming industry. The momentum was only a little smaller, it was intimate. The situation changed dramatically at the beginning of 2016, with first guesses pointing to a PlayStation 4 boost. The guesses soon became true. Is this a crime against players’ wallets? PS4 Pro / Xbox One X Enhanced models have successfully extended the generation that has been in the works since 2013. I leave the Nintendo issue in historical place, because this entity has been following its own path for several years, almost like a cat’s intuition. One “expert” is furiously predicting a more powerful PS5, sticking to the market benchmark. Fact or myth?

SSD twice

The pre-pandemic reality is stuck inside of us – gamers – due to the general glut of all kinds of computers and consoles. We know how it is today. Ask several times before the show. The situation will not quickly normalize, although you can already see the first light in the tunnel – at least in the console diagram. The graphics card prices are just as ridiculous as the payments for new apartments. Unfortunately, we really like to overpay. It is enough that new equipment appears on the horizon, in this case consoles of the current generation. PS5 is definitive evidence of collective impatience. The post-premiere frenzy quickly triggered a scalper’s desire for profit. Unfortunately, many customers followed suit, simply overpaying. Sometimes it is enough to wait a moment, because patience simply “works.” Like it may be worn out at times, but its content is reliable. I know this from my example. I don’t belong in the lost folks group, nearly double the console’s suggested price.

You, the reader – perhaps you think the same, or you are still waiting for the right moment. Unfortunately, there are the lion’s share of people who have the opposite way of thinking. It does not negate the behavior of a person according to the management of his finances. It is not related to. We’ll feel the problem in a good few years. At the time of entering the market, the PlayStation 5 was behind the magical “six”. Sony will guarantee itself sufficiently high prices up front, because we have now proven that we are not afraid of overpaying in the sense of owning “next-generation fireworks”. Let me be wrong, this is not the first time. Meanwhile, we’re just seeing the first official (unofficial) leak regarding the company’s improved console model, which its current leader, Jim Ryan, is totally unloved and respected. In general, it is the “difficult” fate of most of the world’s CEOs who are criticized, often in the face of such difficult and controversial decisions. Ryan has gotten caught up in society as the price of Sony’s xies has increased, the most recent example being the director’s version of Ghost of Cushima. But here, too, patience is required – in a month you will win the title at a much lower price. The downward trend in prices in the gaming industry is currently the fastest in years. Of course, we’re talking about software, because hardware isn’t colorful anymore. But I think we’re used to that now. However, let’s think about what we can improve now, if we ask Mark Cerny himself about such a possibility.

PlayStation 5 is an interesting compromise between ergonomics, gaming performance and power. Any equipment that appears reliable can be improved. Finally, proper cooling was taken care of, but the console, due to its slightly futuristic design, required a targeted vertical position. It does not work horizontally, especially visually. I do not hide the huge dimensions of the system, by far, the largest among all Sony children. Here, however, the scaling is inconsistent with the possibility of downsizing and thus proper strengthening of the components. As we remember, the PS4 Pro was significantly different from other standard console models. However, he had the same problem with the cooling system. With games that were particularly resource-intensive, I had the impression my copy was preparing to leave the runway. What if the PS5 Pro could double the speed of the SSD for the marketing bargaining chip? Then the concept of a higher price for the device can be explained by a lighter word than greed.

The theory continues

New Playstation 5 Pro

It all started with a certain Tom, who apparently did not mention his last name. Anyway, it seems that no one has finally been able to establish it. In a podcast, the new Tom announced the arrival of the PS5 Pro sometime in 2023. How much truth is there? Maybe a part. Although it goes a little against tradition, because Sony primarily “downgraded” its consoles. From the PS One to the end of the PS4 Slim. I think most of you would agree that the size of the PS5 in this particular case is of secondary importance. According to Major Tom (I used the op code name Major Zero from the classic Snake Eater on purpose), the technological difference should be emphasized much more than was the case with the PS4’s evolution to the Pro model. year of release?

Here the leaker uses a typical analogy. This was about the same time between the release of the PlayStation 4 in November 2013 and the PS4 Pro in the fall of 2016. You don’t have to mistake your analytical senses to arrive at a similar conclusion. Only along the way should the need for a smaller version of the console be taken into account. The Pro version is the biggest of all the PS4 proposals. Can you imagine a similar trend with the current devices of concern? Yes, it’s hard to believe. After all, the PlayStation 5 threw the classic Xbox throne itself in this regard. According to another analytical package, the situation related to the epidemic-technological crisis will stabilize in just two years. The only question is whether the company will guarantee throughput the supply of better components that are necessarily required for the PS5 Pro? What would we like to improve on PS5 now? It may be too early to ask such questions, but there is always something to be found. First of all, there is no FPS Boost mode, which is the Xbox Series X engine. I doubt Sony will provide such luxury as part of a system update.

The PS5 is probably too weak for that. So we already have a very useful first order. The disk capacity should change as well. 875 GB in 2020 appears to be a small space from the start, considering today’s production volume, especially high-budget products. Currently, Ray-Tracing follows rules, but will there be another innovative technological tool in the near future? Finally, I will not omit to mention the question of the solution. Admittedly, on the cardboard I took the PS5 out of, it writes about 8k support, and it will be years before it becomes a standard. In theory, a PS5 with the magical “Pro” inscription should actually be able to do such tricks. Although I still doubt the original nature of displaying the sharpness of this image. The price that Tom shot, about 2700 PLN, will not be high in 2023. Leading the channel Moore Law is Dead, Tom also did not take into account another type of virtual reality glasses. The first version appeared on the market with PS4 Pro. Will this analogy work here? As usual, time will come.

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