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No doubt about it He will always be remembered for his choleric and dictatorial portrayal of “Don Armando Mendoza”.”. This role allowed the Colombian actor to gain public recognition and affection.

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Through his social networks, the translator always reacted and remembered the moments he lived.I Betty The Ugly”. Precisely, some time ago, came to mind ‘Don Armando MendozaHe relived the awkward moment he lived in when he made one of his daily trips.

Apollo surprised his followers on Instagram by using the popular ‘DPD’ trend, with the intention of remembering the embarrassing moment when he met his fans at the airport. “One of the #TBTs that reminds me of a big accident. Who hasn’t failed to have fun?”, “Box, Ugly” co-star released.

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The 31-year-old starred as Colombian actor Armando Mendoza. Before giving life to the owner of Egomota, he starred in eight TV productions. (Photo: George Enrique Apollo / Instagram)

George Enrique Apollo is the worst Shame victim in front of his fans

George Enrique Apollo He is very active on his social networks, especially on his Instagram account, he has more than a million followers. In January 2020, came to mind Box boss He released a video where he recalled the embarrassing moment he lived “for fun”.

“He was the last to climb the stairs. The maids told me: ‘Now, come upstairs.’ At that moment the controllers were women and they all went to ask for my signature. Not created “Apollo commented on the video.

After this comment, George decided to take note, so continue the journey: I told him: ‘No, nothing; Finally, I started to climb. But I decided to go back, everyone ‘see you later’, I fell. When I woke up, the hostesses choked with laughter; The others choked with laughter; The planes were all parked on the runway. I said, ‘My God, swallow me up!‘”Colombian translator added.

What happened to George Enrique Apollo after the star of “I Betty, LA FEA”?

After starring in the series created by the late Fernando Cayton, he participated in various shows as an artist “Beach and Salako” (2003), “Anita, don’t worry” (2004), “Eva’s Heel” (2006), “No one here” (2008), “Open Heart” (2010), “Where is Eliza?” (2012), “Graduates” (2013) and “La Nokterna” (2017).

The 53-year-old translator has been away from the screen for a long time, but it was not until February 2019 that he returned for a special appearance. “Box in New York”, A remake of the original version.

The last product to appear was George Enrique Apollo “Operation Pacific”, A crime drama series aired on Telemundo Signal in 2020. Currently The Colombian actor is far from telenovela, but succeeds as a YouTube user.

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