Tyson Fury – Francis Ngannou.  Live coverage and results online

Tyson Fury – Francis Ngannou. Live coverage and results

It’s time for one of the most important events in the world of combat sports this year. The fight between Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KO) and Francis Ngannou (0-0) will take place in Riyadh. It will be a fight between the WBC world champion in the heavyweight category and the former UFC champion in the same weight category. Live coverage and results of the event with the fight of the evening Tyson Fury – Francis Ngannou on Polsatsport.pl.

The fight was contracted to be fought in a boxing format, which would favor Fury. The “Gypsy King” fought 34 professional fights, winning 33 of them and drawing one. Experience and outstanding boxing skills make the Briton the favorite in Saturday’s fight. The history of boxing clashes between professional boxers and MMA fighters also speaks in Fury’s favor. In such skirmishes, the first usually comes out on top.

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Let’s add that the 35-year-old is planning a unification fight with Oleksandr Usyk. All of the most important heavyweight championship belts will be on the line in this fight. There is more and more talk that such a fight will happen at the turn of the year. But first, Fury must deal with Ngannou.

The Cameroonian is a well-known fighter among mixed martial arts fans. From 2021 to 2023, he was the UFC bantamweight champion. He left the organization at the beginning of the year, hoping to fight the box office in other formats. Such a battle will happen in Riyadh. The big advantage of “The Predator” is his extremely powerful punch, with which he has repeatedly managed to overpower rivals in the octagon. Will it translate to the boxing ring?

The Fury-Ngannou clash will conclude the ceremony in Saudi Arabia. It will be one of the biggest combat sports events in recent years. Many sports and show business stars came to Riyadh. The stands will include, among others: footballer Cristiano Ronaldo or rapper Eminem.

Live coverage and results of the event with the fight of the evening Tyson Fury – Francis Ngannou on Polsatsport.pl. Starts at 7:00 PM

Fight results:

Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) vs. Francis Ngannou (0-0)
Fabio Wardley (17-0, 16 KO) Defeated David Adeleye (12-1, 11 KO) by seventh-round TKO.
Joseph Parker (33-3, 22 KO) Defeated Simon Kane (23-2, 22 KO) by third-round knockout.
Arslanbek Mahmudov (18-0, 17 K) Junior defeated Anthony Wright (20-5-1, 17 KO) by first-round knockout.

Moses Itauma (5-0, 3KO) Defeated Istvan Bernath (10-2, 8 KO) by TKO in the first round.
Martin Bacolli (20-1, 15 KO) Defeated Carlos Takam (40-8, 28 KO) by technical knockout in the fourth round.
Jack McGann (9-0-1, 6 KO) Elsibiadi defeated Duran (12-4, 9 KO) by technical knockout in the first round.

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Ninth round

The pace slowed down a bit after the intense eighth round. The actions of both players lacked precision. The last battle is before us!

Round eight

Fury was completely out of his thoughts, staggering to his feet! Ngannou hit his opponent with several powerful punches in this round and clearly dominated the ring. The Englishman does not know how to resist at all. This was his worst round in this fight. Fury has little time to turn the tide of the fight. Two rounds left!

Seventh round

Ngannou started with a hard left that caught Fury’s jaw. The Englishman looked to grab the ball again, but the Cameroonian defended well against his attempts. A larger bruise begins to appear around the “Gypsy King’s” left eye.

Sixth round

Fury gradually begins to perform more precise actions. He watches Ngannou more seriously, but he is not inferior to a more experienced boxer. There are only four rounds left until the end of the fight.

Round V

The anger started with a powerful right that Ngannou clearly felt. The Cameroonian was able to shorten the distance several times and reach his opponent’s head. Fury also threatened his opponent at several points, but neither fighter came close to a knockout.

Fourth round

Fury seems to be feeling the difficulties of this battle more and more. He is looking for a decisive point, but it is not that easy. In the second part of the round, Ngannou hit him again. The Gypsy King staggered to his feet and tried to engage again. The Englishman has no idea how to get into his opponent’s shoes.

Round 3

After less than a minute, the players entered forcefully from left to left. Later, Fury tried to differentiate his strikes by attacking downwards and upwards. Ngannou tried to wait for the moment to shorten the distance, which often resulted in victory. Finally, the Cameroonian unleashed a powerful left hook, after which the ‘Gypsy King’ landed on the boards. Anger was counted but he continued to fight. A moment later, the bell ended the round. What emotions!

Tyson Fury is on the board in the third round!

The first and second round

They both started quietly. There is no pushing of pace by both players. After all, they have 10 rounds to fight, unless the battle ends early. Currently, one-shot tests are underway.

It’s time for the first bell of the Fury-Ngannou fight! this happens!

Michael Buffer famously said “Let’s get ready to rumble.”

And now it’s time for the anthem of Cameroon and Great Britain.

It’s time for the Saudi national anthem.

Both boxers have already lined up on opposite sides of the ring!

And now the “Gypsy King” is following in his footsteps!

Francis Ngannou is slowly making his way to the ring!

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Tyson Fury has put a crown on his head and should be ready to leave soon!

The wait for the evening battle is longer. However, there are many indicators that this crisis is slowly coming to an end.

TV cameras show Cristiano Ronaldo appearing near the ring.

The party leading up to the evening’s fight is over. The duel should start any minute now!

Now it’s time for Becky G to perform.

Lil Baby appeared on stage!

The pre-fight show began – a concert and dance performances.

The studio is in progress for the evening’s fight. The main event should start around 11:40pm as planned.

Stars from the world of wrestling also came to the hall.

There’s only one match left until the end of the party! Fur – Ngannou is approaching!

Wardley was ahead on points and was gradually breaking down his opponent. Finally, in the seventh round, Adele was knocked down by a flurry of hook punches.

And the fighting is over! Wardley won by TKO in the 7th round!

The Wardley-Adeleye battle continues. The main event is approaching!

Francis Ngannou is here!

Conor McGregor also came to Riyadh.

Not only stars from the world of sports will appear at the ceremony.

Joseph Parker knocked out Simon Kane in the third round! The battles at the Riyadh ceremony end very quickly!

Another battle and another quick end! Arslanbek Mahmudov won by knockout in the first round!

The Battle of Itauma and Bernath also ended quickly. The first fighter was won by TKO in the first round.

The second battle is also behind us. Martin Bacolli defeated Carlos Takam in the fourth round!

The first undercard fight has already happened. Jack McGann defeated Alcibiades Duran via TKO in the second round.

Good evening! The ceremony started in Riyadh. We invite you to follow the live coverage!

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