slag.  Steel by another name.  He hasn't played in the Polish league yet

7R Stolaro Stal Rzeszów continues to build the train for the 2022 season in the MotoGP League II. Crane management has just announced the name of the next competitor.

David Borek

7R Stolaro Stal Rzeszów . players

WP SportoweFakty / Weronika Waresiak / Pictured: 7R Stolaro Stali Rzeszów players

– There has been no contact yet, but I am interested in finding a club in your country. I feel ready and good enough to ride in one of the Polish leagues – Gustav Grahn told us in mid-August.

The phone finally rang. The talented Swede was approached by the management of 7R Stolaro Stal Rzeszów, who offered him a contract. The two parties have agreed the terms of the contract and it has now been officially announced that the 17-year-old has moved on.

Gustaf Grahn proved his talent in the Swedish singles youth tournament, where he won the gold medal, defeating players such as Alexander Wenten or Philip Hellström-Paing.

At 7R Stolaro Stali Rzeszów he will be able to compete in the junior position. In Speedway II, starting with the new season, there will be no need to use young local players.

In addition to Gustav Grahn, Edward Krakmar, Hubert Ogwik, Kevin and Wilbert, the Polish youth players also have important contracts with 7R Stolaro Stal Rzeszów for the 2022 season.

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