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Shocking advice: This paragraph may not be appropriate for those who practice the religion of sacred horror. It can also destabilize haters of Islam. We want to let you know.

Released at 11:00 p.m.

Marvel is a new superheroine in the Cinematic Universe (popular MCU). She is 16 years old, her name is Kamala Khan, she lives in Jersey City and is a native of Pakistan. She – Trigger warning, As the youth say – Muslim? Yes.

Her superhero name is not a Muslim woman, but Mrs. Marvel. He is the head of the six-episode mini-series of the same name that hit the Disney + platform on Wednesday. He is a scattered high school student, marginalized giggle, more interested in encounters with superhero enthusiasts than his math or biology exams, much to the chagrin of his parents, who are conservative immigrants.

I watched the first chapter Mrs. Marvel With Fiston, there was less interest in the adventures of this young man his age than in the adventures of Obi-Wan Canobi. “Because it’s a girl?” I asked him. “No, because she’s a Muslim!” “, He replied with an even more contradiction tit for tat. At the beginning of the episode, I realized that the clichே of the teenager being bullied in front of her locker, for good reason, was Hockney.

Fortunately, Mrs. Marvel, A beautiful series that includes elements of animation, and not only that. It is the story of a brave young man who adores Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, the main character of the Avengers. She is her deity. One day when she discovers the mysterious bracelet sent by her family from Pakistan, Kamala inadvertently transforms herself into a superheroine.

Mrs. Marvel Although it embraces codes, it is not limited to the clichேs of teen series. This is not limited to the caricature that Christian or atheist fighters wanted to create. This week, a private Facebook group of about 16,000 members, Anti-Christian Mrs. MarvelHe poured out his bile for portraying a Muslim family in the Disney + series.

Others were outraged at what they described as the first infiltration of religion into the universe, the infiltration of superheroes. One detail: it’s a lie. You do not need to know anything about culture Comic books Americans and their television and movie descendants consider its characters to be angels, claiming to be secular.

The latest superhero of the Marvel Disney + series is Moon Knight Jew, as well as X-Men Magneto and Kitty Bright. Captain America is a Christian, even in Daredevil. What do they have in common that it does not bother anyone or promote any chronology?

No matter how much you think you can’t put your finger on it. Wait! No, it doesn’t have to be that way, it just has to be very simple. Is it because none of them are Muslims?

Two pieces of a robot, as Tony Stark, known as the Iron Man, puts it. Mrs. Marvel is a Muslim. Not much is mentioned about this in the first episode, but – another shocking warning to those who see religion in their soup and a veil causes visual dizziness – the teenager prays at the mosque in the trailer for the series. One hundred will read Hail Mary (In Latin) To exorcise the image I have just described. A little holy water, it must pass. The word of the pastor.

What tastes ridiculous to me in the speech of those who are obsessed with recognizing the Islam of a superhero – like about 2 billion fellow believers – is the beam of the cross they never saw in their eyes as a human being. Jesus once said that.

To find out how many MCU movie scenes were filmed in churches or cemeteries with Christian rites, the apostolic zeal is to practice deliberate blindness. I know, I’ve seen all the MCU movies and series.

One columnist was shocked to see a scene of a prayer in the mosque, but not shocked to see a prayer in the church? God knows what the difference is. I’m looking, looking. Can the author consider his religion, Catholic secularism, to be a cultural tradition rather than a religious practice? Will it be a kind of religious neutrality for her? Which is better for Pitto, so which is better for Mino?

Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani of Toronto, does not hold any prejudice against the submissive Muslim woman that some want to portray. She does not wear the veil except at the mosque, unlike her friend, who does it at will. She is a gentle rebel, challenging the strict traditional values ​​of her parents, and because she is a woman she is more protected and nurtured than her brother, she believes.

She dreams of Manhattan and a handsome dark man, listening to The Weekend and worshiping the Avengers. He does not deny his ethnic heritage, however, and enjoys choosing a new saree and going to the Pakistani grocery store next door with his mother.

“We are going to see the children of immigrants who take pride in their culture,” Iman Vellani explained to my colleague Pascal LeBlanc this week.

Ms. Marvel lives in Jersey City, but may have lived in the young actress’ hometown of Markham or the Park-Extension district of Montreal. Showing white, male and non-Christian characters is not politically correct or a “diversity lust”. It is a testimony to the often hidden truths, to get rid of most of its confusion, to give a very loyal account of the community in which we live.

I talked about this this week with members of the Thirty Group, young ambassadors of Montreal’s ethnic and cultural diversity who have not yet identified themselves on our television and cinema. Fortunately, even if things change, they are right.

This time a final shocking warning against foreigners: According to the 2016 census, one-third of Montreal’s population is foreign-born and more than half are immigrants. Young beautiful women have to get used to seeing life, on screen.

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