Two nominees for M¦ 2030. A very historic football

lowest FIFA Two nominations have been submitted and there are many indications that the fate of the World Cup in eight years will be decided between them. While the World Cup will be held in three countries for the first time in four years, in 2030 up to four countries could host the world’s best national teams.

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A unique nomination to host the 2030 World Cup. Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay will compete for the tournament

According to the Spanish daily Marca, ArgentinaChile, Peru and Uruguay jointly applied for the organization World Championship In 2030. After the tournament in Qatar – that is, on the Asian continent, and in Canada, the USA and Mexico – that is, in North America, the tournament was scheduled to travel to the South American continent this time. The World Cup will return to South America in 16 years. Brazil was the host country of the 2014 World Cup.

It is also worth noting that at one time it was said that the 2030 World Championships were held in as many as five countries. Great Britain was a serious candidate to organize the event. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have already expressed their willingness to participate in this project. However, The Sun reported that it was planned to invite Ireland to this project. In the end, the British decided to focus on the race to host Euro 2028, with Russia and Turkey competing.

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Spain and Portugal will also compete for the 2030 World Cup

The South American nomination will also face stiff competition. It has long been known that FIFA is trying to match the geographical hosts fairly. Due to the fact that right after the World Cup, Brazil Russia organized the World Cup, Europe can be taken seriously, and whenever two countries with great football traditions express their will to adopt the best national teams in the world.

talking about Spain And the Portugal. “Marca” stated that the tournament on the Iberian Peninsula would be, above all, more profitable for FIFA in financial terms and could count on a lot of support from other European federations. However, the decision to select the host country for the 2030 World Cup will not be known until the beginning of 2024.

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