"We didn't know about it. Inez hadn't met her father's partner yet!" the mother of Jakub Reznicak's daughter commented on her wedding "by surprise!"

It turned out to be a wedding Jacob Reznicak It was a big surprise not only for the audience, but also for the women who were close to the football player. Elena Taraszkiewicz, the former partner of the scandal who is raising his daughter Inez, commented on the affair for Jastrząb Post. She didn’t have many nice things to say.

I didn’t know anything about the wedding. Jacob didn’t tell me, and I don’t follow his love life, because it always has Full of twists and turns And I just don’t care – Taraszkiewicz openly admits.

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Elena added that her daughter had not yet had the opportunity to meet her father’s chosen one, although she tried to create an opportunity for such a meeting. or butcherNor Noica, it seems, was not particularly interested in this proposal.

Inez never had the chance to meet her father’s current partner. So far, they have not expressed a desire to meet our daughter, although she is already aware of certain things. All I can do is tell my daughter that my dad has so many things to do now that he lives far away. In any case, Inez still considers Aunt Magda to be a friend of my father’s and I don’t know how to explain it to her now, given her age. – said Jastrząb Post.

What is very interesting in this case, Taraszkiewicz asserts, was that his former partner had a completely different approach to contacting Rzeźniczak’s children, Magdalena Stepien.

I can only say that when Cuba started dating Magda we were introduced to her, and Inez liked Magda. Magda sought contact with Inez. So I have a comparison. I even suggested if Cuba wanted to meet Paulina Inez. They weren’t interested.

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Why should I meet her? After all, she won’t be a new aunt in a year 😜

This is so embarrassing that it’s hard to comment. Let him marry but not immediately after the death of the child is a bit immoral

Dad on paper….. eh..

I was thinking of Ewelina today 😂😂😂

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Inez…. The name Rzeźniczak fits like a nose fist. What do you have in your head to name a child?

It scares me that a digger without titles makes a lot of money

The girl’s name is Inez. And everything is already known about the mother of this child …

Peter Pan .. In the last picture, his lady appears as if the dress is slipping from his chest

life i…

4 minutes ago

Who is this man! I know that he was with this and that he had a son and this son died and next to him in this dress so who is he??

My general dad… Paulinka should be similar to him in terms of personality because she also doesn’t have human reflexes like the vast majority of normal people.

I am always shocked when a woman goes to bed with a married man and then she is shocked that he will not leave his wife for her or she is shocked because she is a single mother

Hahaha – I wonder how long P will be so happy. This type of man does not change. The corpse is released once for the entire time. Give them six months and there will be treason.

What do people not know? This Miami venue is like getting married at a fire station in Poland in the countryside. Cheap and rubbish. They could not afford wedding venues in Miami.

Because Magda has a good heart and loves children, and the new one was unscrupulously guarding the old one in the parking lot… Are you still cheering for them?

Oh my gosh, this girl is so cute and just like her daddy….just like this little kid…seriously, what’s in this guy’s head…hey, I guess! Although, in my opinion, Paulina and he have the same IQ, so they somehow matched 😉

I feel like a poem Kubuś forgot he had children, because he jumped from flower to flower. When Poulenc met him, he immediately lost his mind. She charmed him so much that she cured her depression in no time. He forgets his daughter and son, because he has an idea for a great show in the clouds. He regretted his son’s treatment as he was already planning a wedding. When others arrived, they went to LaMania to shop. Paulinka was excited because she sewed a wedding dress made of drapes. And when he was standing over his son’s grave, he must have sworn an oath, and cried out of emotion, not mourning, they traveled to the United States and laughed at the people. Now they are waiting for applause and flashes of brilliance. That’s the story, Cuba made himself the brightest beet.

Only Edita Zajak is with Tabqa.. Don’t get stuck and don’t get drowned in this quagmire..

What about the case in which a woman gets pregnant from a married man with 3 children? His wife kicks him out of the house. His grandson is older than the younger sons. He and the mother of his last child moved in with the mother’s mother (i.e. grandmother) who is raising the child for them…. crooked

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