Twitter crash.  There were problems using the site

Reuters reported that Twitter said it fixed a bug that interfered with the portal. The previous failure caused problems for the site to be used by thousands of users, in Poland as well.

“We fixed a technical bug that was preventing us from loading the timeline and posting tweets. Now everything should be back to normal,” the tech team’s Twitter post read.

Earlier, Twitter reported on its website that it was dealing with an increasing number of bugs in the API, which is a set of protocols for creating and integrating application programs.

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Twitter – crash

Downdetector, which collects status reports from multiple sources – including user-reported bugs on its platform, has reported 40,000 user-reported crashes.

Information available on the Downdetector website showed that the first reports of failure began arriving shortly after 18.00. The most common problems reported were website and app failures, and server connectivity issues.

Data from the Polish version of showed that just over 2,000 users reported problems with the social platform. At around 8pm, the number of orders dropped dramatically.

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