Storm about the head of the PGE.  A great government project is hanging by a thread

National Energy Security Agency According to the government, NABE will acquire all assets related to electricity generation in power plants fired by hard coal and lignite separated from power groups (PGE, Tauron, Enea and Energa).

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NABE may not arise at all. The project is hanging by a thread

– Confusion over PGE chief may have a second bottom. It may not have been worth rushing to implement the PGE strategy, because today there are many indicators pointing to it If the NABE Bill does not pass the House within the next three weeks, it will not be created at all – We hear from sources close to the government.

More importantly, the ruling party has no plans to hold a session of the House of Representatives. Therefore, the vote on NABE’s financial guarantees must take place in a special meeting, which is not expected at the moment. Two weeks ago, Jacek Sassin was counting on the guarantee vote.

– The head of PGE has been called several times in recent weeks by his boss Law and Justice Party on the new strategy. Especially last week. NABE issues have been discussed says our informant.

“After the elections, the situation may be completely different,” he adds.

This Monday afternoon, the Board of Directors of PGE canceled the decision to adopt the update of the strategy of the PGE Group assuming a transition away from coal by 2030. – The decision is due to the need to complete the process of creating the National Agency for Energy Security – the company announced in a press release.

Letter in defense of Dabrowski

Party activists were outraged by President Dabkowski for Poland’s faster departure from coal than with the staff activists’ letter to … President Kaczynski. This is a misunderstanding. PGE will leave Coal in 2030, but will remain in a private agencyJacob added.

In the letter you can read, among other things, that Dąbrowski “has proven to be an excellent, experienced and supportive manager who respects employees and colleagues”. They also mention the measures he took while fighting the epidemic.

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