Twitter comments on Legia's success in the European League.  "It's an out-of-state result."

Legia Warszawa will play in the group stage of the European League. – This is an out-of-state result – said Paweł Gołaszewski from “Piłka Nożna”.

Legia from Prague brought a 2:2 draw. In the rematch they won 2:1. The champions are Artur Boruc, who defended perfectly, and the author of the two goals, Mahir Emreli.

– Big thing, because even the opponent in “10” is very strong Summarized by Mateusz Rokoszewski.

Several commentators stress the coach’s contribution to Legia’s victory

– Advanced lessons in Chislau Michenewicz – summed up Thomas Włodarczyk.

I hope there is a lesson from these permanent eliminations that if you hire a decent coach, you increase your chances of success, significantly. Because this is a very unusual lesson in Polish football – Tomasz Ćwiąkała wrote.

– But I miss the stands, thanks to coach Czeslaw Mitchinewicz. Looking at this squad: Promotion to the group stage of the Europa League is a result above the limit, but despite everything – Paweł Gołaszewski added.

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