European Parliament elections.  Viktor Orbán in succession: removing EU leaders from power

Viktor Orban spoke about the European Parliament elections in an interview with the French weekly Le Point. The Italian Prime Minister appeared in the conversation Georgia MeloniThe leader of the extreme right in France Marine Le Pen.

According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, cooperation between politicians will be beneficial for Europe. – If they can work together in one group or coalition, They will be a force for Europe – He evaluated.

European elections. Orbán speaks directly about his priorities

Viktor Orbán was also asked about a possible merger of powers, among other things. With Prime Minister Meloni’s party as part of European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR). The Polish Law and Justice Party also belongs to the European formation.

– that it Still under consideration – he answered briefly. Fidesz – the group that Orbán actually leads For more than three years He does not belong to any political group in the European Parliament; In 2021, he left the ranks of the European People’s Party.

Viktor Orban is the new head of NATO. Mark criticized Rutte

In Le Point, the Hungarian Prime Minister was also asked about support for potential candidates for president European Commission.

The leader of the Hungarian political scene stressed that Budapest represents a priority Removing current EU leaders from power. At the same time, he pointed out that it was too early to provide specific names.

Apart from the European Union, the topic also came up in the conversation NATO And the competition for the position of Secretary-General, which is currently held by Jens Stoltenberg. When asked about support for former Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, he said that Hungary was still considering it. He also pointed out that some of the statements and opinions of the Dutch politician raised a problem in this context.

– On the one hand, he said that Hungary should leave the European Union, and on the other hand, our country should get on its knees. This is not the best way“To gain our support,” Viktor Orbán said.

sources: Le Point, Reuters

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