Top 50 Festivals in the World: The Ignored Billboard Festival d'Ede de Quebec

The festival d’été de Québec has hosted some of the biggest international stars of the year – from the Rolling Stones to Metallica, including Sting, The Weekend and Lady Gaga – but it’s not yet enough to make the list of the 50 biggest festivals. Compiled by Magazine advertisement board.

This list gives more space to American festivals and is dominated by Coachella, the only Canadian event to be held at the Oshiaka Festival, 22 in Montreal.e Ranking.

Not the first

This is not the first time FEQ has been ignored in the development of such an exam. In 2014, the magazine Rolling Stone It is not included in the list of 40 must-see summer festivals.

Clearly, Festival D’Day is one of the best secrets in the vicinity of major world music events.

“We’re one of the only festivals playing Rage Against the Machine this summer,” says Samantha McKinley, FEQ’s communications director.

Samantha McKinley

Archive photo

Samantha McKinley

How to explain it? “It’s a question of market contacts and canvassing,” he replied, adding that FEQ lost its communications officer for the United States during the epidemics.

Despite this boycott, FEQ will be talked about in the American media as influential music websites Consequence of Sound and Forbes have confirmed their presence in Quebec this summer.

“The effect of sound, we’ve been dreaming about it for 12 years,” says Samantha McKinley.

53e The festival d’été de Québec will take place from 6 to 17 July. Charlotte will be the star of the opening night of the card. Headlines include Luke Combs, Maroon 5 and Rage Against the Machine.

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