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F1 2022 - Review.  Probably the best game in the series

F1 2022 – Review. Probably the best game in the series

June 30 2022, 13:20

Formula 1 has gone through the biggest changes in years. It’s also an opportunity for a new opening for the game series. F1 22 is up to the challenge, but it doesn’t add anything extra. It could have been awesome, that’s okay.

The biggest changes in regulations in many years, a revolution in capital, new faces and problems of old merchants. We haven’t seen much emotion in the Formula 1 season for a long time. Although at first glance it seems like again It was decided to offer a “safe” experience, the reality shows that by the standards of a series of changes and news, there is quite a lot.

F1 22 However, it doesn’t come with a major revolution – it’s largely a ground-breaking innovation that’s been developed over the past few years, but quite distinct from its predecessors. The developers made sure of that The above changes to the regulations have a direct impact on what happens during the competition. The number of cars has already been narrowed, which makes it possible to fight side by side on almost every track and makes racing more dynamic. On the other hand, new aerodynamic elements allow for a much greater range of vehicle customization, making the right choice of settings crucial to the course of the competition.

The difference in inclination of the front and rear wings of the car can cause the maximum speed to reach 310 km / h or 330 km / h – it all depends on the path on which we are going. I also really like the completely rebuilt driving model – It now requires more precision and thinking two steps forward. Cars are becoming somewhat “heavier” and more difficult to turn, and when accelerating and braking, more care is needed than before. This is in line with what Formula 1 drivers have been saying about new cars since the start of the season.

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As for the rest of the news, I can’t help but mention the sprint qualifiers which add even more excitement to the race this weekend. The new track in Miami is also on the plus side, which allows surprisingly much freedom for street racing, and the incredibly long track is a real challenge for players who choose their setups for tight corners. AI designers also deserve a lot of praiseBecause opponents are finally starting to act wisely on the track. They don’t cause accidents as often, they can make room when they see we’re at a much better pace and we’re overtaking, and they react very realistically to our driving style. The developers boast that the AI ​​adaptively reacts to our actions on the track, but it was hard for me to notice – the bots were quite predictable, although it was noticeably harder to win the race than it was in F1 2021.

Probably the best game in the series.  My opinion of F1 2022 - Illustration #1

I have a fairly neutral attitude towards new things in the form of supercars, Because They are more of a curiosity than a reasonable element of the game. They can be driven through a series of timing and drift challenges, but they can’t be racing with them. Oh, this is an additional attraction that has a chance to attract new players. The F1 Life unit is also average, and is basically a viewing window in which we present obtained items, cars, clothes and decorations. In the future, the creators will aggressively modify this aspect.

For the “sports tapeworm” that comes out every year, there are a lot of changes – but unfortunately they did not cover everything. This good racing game picture is spoiled mainly by bad game modes. Player or team careers have almost been left out of the previous parts and after time turns out to be quite repetitive, GP or time trial formulas are just copies of old solutions. The network module hasn’t made a good impression on me yet – joining the races is unintuitive, the server browser is poor, and the game also lacks good compatibility.

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Although I have praised the new leadership model before, I must warn you at this point – The developers (in my opinion) completely broke the traction control system. In my opinion, this assist is the most important during the race, having so far allowed you to choose between full support, which ensures moderate slip resistance and smooth acceleration in cornering, and medium, which allows a little more freedom, but requires more control of the car and off assist.

in F1 22 Full traction control is a peculiar position for driving on bars – we are welded to the ground here and even in rainy conditions or during 90-degree turns, we do not lose traction, and the car sticks to the ground as if glued. Meanwhile, the average traction control has more to do with turning it off completely, and almost any sudden movement makes us fall against the wall. We hope that the developers will address this issue in future updates.

In general, in F1 22 I was having a really good time. This is a must for any Formula 1 fan, but not only. If you missed the last few visits and want to jump on the default track, it’s worth doing it this year. The number of new products should surprise you favorably, the races themselves are in my opinion the most satisfying since the big part Formula 1 2014. But I can’t help but feel that with such a groundbreaking rule change in Formula 1, you can squeeze a little bit out of the game.

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My opinion of F1 22


  1. Enhanced realistic graphics;
  2. New rules = more exciting races;
  3. improved driving model
  4. Very good AI for opponents.


  1. The traction control system is completely broken;
  2. Career mode is almost copy-and-paste from previous hits;
  3. A meager and disappointing F1 Life grid unit.

Final Rating: 7.5 / 10