Tomaszewski vs. Michniewicz.  hot.  Brain ischemia, Pekka Blah

Jan Tomaszowski For many years he was famous for his sharp tongue. ex-goalkeeper Polish national team He comments eagerly on the work of each of the recent football team pickers, mostly rating their work negatively. It was no different this time, when Czeslav Micniewicz came under fire.

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“It was hard for Robert. Outside of Europe, no one is watching.”

In an interview with “Super Express” Tomaszewski referred to the latter very strongly matches HR with Holland i It’s collapsing. The 74-year-old has criticized, among other things, sending Carol Linetti and Matthew Cleich to the stands at the second meeting, or love Swings that says it’s just “hide the grass”.

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Michniewicz’s powerful answer

It didn’t take long for the coach of the Polish national team, who had already become known as someone to make his arguments. In an interview in “Prawda Futbolu”, Czeslaw Mitchnowitz suggested to the former soccer player his health problems caused by…choosing clothes.

Jan Tomaszowski’s shoelace on his shirt was very tight and sometimes when he says something, I get the impression that there is cerebral ischemia there. He doesn’t hold himself back from me

The final test of the Polish national team before the start of the World Cup will take place on November 16 in Warsaw, where the Micciwiec players will play against Chile. Later, the fight for points in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar was ahead of our players.

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