Today, three asteroids disappeared from Earth by a hair!  NASA announced the date of the appearance of the following elements

An asteroid the size of a large field passed Earth at a close distance. The object called 2022 OE2 is on NASA’s “Five More Asteroids” list, which gathers updated information on the next larger rock fragments that will pass our planet very close. In addition to 2022 OE2, two other asteroids on that list have approached Earth today. And when will the next two come out?

asteroid 2022 OE2 Today, August 4, the Earth passed at a distance of 5.2 million km. The object is on the NASA list “Five more asteroids” (M. The next five asteroid) – contains updated information about asteroids flying near our planet at a distance of no more than 7.5 million km, and objects with a diameter of more than 150 meters are also considered dangerous. And she was 2022 OE2.

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The object had a diameter of 213 meters. An asteroid of this size not only has a better chance of falling into Earth’s gravitational field and changing its course by hitting the planet itself, but it can also attract smaller asteroids, causing them to collide with them.

As it turns out, all the asteroids on NASA’s list have been discovered this year. three of “Five more asteroids” (including the 2022 OE2 mentioned above) passed Earth on August 4. The other two will… Tomorrow August 5.

Asteroids are close to Earth. Now we have an apex

Which of the asteroids will be closest to Earth? modest size 2022 OB5. The diameter of the object is 5 meters and it passes the Earth at a distance of 631,000 km. For comparison, the distance between the Moon and the Earth is 385 thousand km. We should not be afraid of such small rocky objects in space. Even if they could change their course and head straight to Earth, that would be it They will burn up in the atmosphere before they reach the ground.

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asteroid 2022 OE2 She is not the only one who has recently crossed the Earth. Last month, two bus-sized objects passed our planet only 40 thousand kilometers away. They were identified by scientists only a week before they appeared in our area.

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