Grażyna Torbicka appears behind the scenes at the film festival, and fans laugh with delight: "Grażka, MIAŻDŻYSZ!"  (photo)

Despite the passage of years Grażyna Torbeca It always boasts a strong position in the industry. The journalist can choose between proposals and decide only on the most famous collaboration. The 63-year-old represented Poland this year at Cannes, appearing there as a cinematographer. This year, the TV legend was already sent there For the 23rd time in my career.

Important point in the calendar Grażyna he is Riverside Film and Arts FestivalWhere is the technical director. The event started on July 30 and will run until next Sunday. The star attended the opening ceremony accompanied by her husband, a cardiologist Adam Turbekiwith which I have been associated for more than 40 years.

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Unlike most of her colleagues in the industry, Torbicka isn’t particularly outspoken on Instagram. The 63-year-old rarely posts anything on his followed profile 30 thousand people. Much to the delight of her audience, on Wednesday the journalist felt the need to explain to them what her festival in Kazimierz Dolny was like on the Vistula.

First, I posted a photo of a bike ride through the streets of a charming tourist town. The star, considered a fashion icon, wore a simple, off-the-shoulder black dress. In the next photo, the star is wearing a stylish linen shirt, shorts and sneakers beside the actress – Maria Dubska. In the comments section of the post, the journalist got some compliments.

How beautiful and young you look. Two great chicks! Incredibly talented Grażka, you crush! – They wrote.

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A beautiful and natural woman of sophistication and intelligence – a rare combination today :/

The era of these women is long gone… Now we’ve done them all on one hoof

God, what a beautiful woman who will speak scandalously smiling smart…


5 hours ago

This fact was and still is a beautiful woman, most of all natural

You will love me too. I the same is not better.

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Cleaning Ms. Torbeka’s shoes

All images have been processed.

However, the term “celebrity” seems to offend the truth, which is such a term in our original business.

Well, it wasn’t like that yet… See for yourself in the lottery stories, what, a woman, handsome, as tall as a basketball star…

Beautiful, super beauty and shape… Even if he corrects something, it looks natural, without fish lips or stuffed cheeks. I’m 15 and I look a lot worse, cool and I’m a fan of Ms. Grazka. And my husband is staring… Ah envy <3

She can show it. Rosink should follow suit and wear pants over her cutlery.

Grazynka goes again with her worn yellow smile and her buzzing husband in the background. What poses, what faces! A star couple just in time for underfunded Karen and Dzesek, who will start singing praises about their so-called nature?? Torbeka, because, like them, she avoids the dentist, and the mirror tells her that she is beautiful.

Beautiful, smart and classy!!!!

But Botox was in play. Soft face. Wake is out of the question about nature.

I like that you are filthy!!!! Too bad for underwear

I was working at Otwock in a clothing store and this lady was my client – she was very kind and polite to me, even though I was a regular salesman. I still have a pretty impression today.

Beautiful as always wow 🤩

I’m her age, and I should brag that I’m doing well too 👍 without any corrections 👍

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