Today is the premiere of Age of Empires 4: The Sultans Ascend, the largest expansion in the series’ history
14 November 2023, at 09:30

In a few hours, The Sultans Ascend expansion for the popular strategy Age of Empires 4 will be on the market for the first time, offering downloadable content for, among other things: a new campaign and two additional civilizations.

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Today RTS Age of Empires IV He will receive an allowance The sultans are rising. This will be the largest expansion in the history of the series.

  1. The DLC will be released simultaneously on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series
  2. The price will be PLN 64.99.
  3. on the steam The add-on will open today at 7:00 PM Polish time. It should be available in the Microsoft Store (on PC and Xbox consoles) on a similar date.
  4. This is a standalone add-on, so the full version is required to play Age of Empires 4.
  5. Just like “stand”, The DLC will provide cinematic subtitles, that is, with Polish subtitles.

The sultans are rising It was announced as the largest expansion in the series’ history. The DLC will introduce a new story campaign with eight missions, two additional civilizations (Japanese and Byzantine), and the possibility of combat at sea. In addition, we will receive new versions of existing factions (Abbasids, Chinese, French and Holy Roman Empire), 10 additional maps and 2 new biomes (Japanese Village and Savannah).

Age of Empires IV The game debuted on PC in October 2021, and in August of this year the game was ported to Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series Production is also available in a Game Pass subscription, but this only applies to the “Basic” version – the add-on will not be offered as part of the subscription.

The players received the match warmly. on the steam It received 86% positive reviews. It’s still very popular – yesterday’s activity was at a record high 12,930 players playing simultaneously On the LED platform.

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