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“This is one of the most cherished family projects , Its first display in 2017. The show, which was set in its first seasons in the 70s and has been relegated to the first season since 2020, is known for showcasing young talents such as actors Raiza Artis and Santiago Suarez.

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Precisely, Artis and Suarez They explain Estella Bravo And Beato Kanosa Ugarde, A married couple pours love and at the same time struggles with their irreparable jealousy. This love in fiction crossed the screens and caused great joy to the followers of the aired show America Television.

Reyza Artis and Santiago Suarez met in “Back to the Neighborhood”, where they act as a couple. (Photo: Instagram / @raysaortiz / @santiagosuareznava).

How were Roses born between actors?

This was during the recordings “Back to neighborhood” That Raisa y Santiago They met, acting as passionate couples sparked emotions between the artists and in early 2019 they already started a relationship.

In an interview for the show “They’re all in it,” Suarez said Confirmed Colite Mondros In fact he and Raisa After being friends for a long time, they started dating. In the first months, hundreds of thousands of young people gathered to share various photos and videos on their social networks. ‘I like it’.

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Raisa and Santiago met during a “neighborhood page” post (photo: Sirena Artis / Instagram capture)

Did Coxistence wear them?

This was the beginning 2020When isolation forced them to spend more time at home, they decided to move in together so as not to be separated for too long. Probably cohabitation played against them and in August of that year they announced that they were no longer together, thus causing the audience disaster; However, this will only be the beginning of a series of visits and trends.

“Hello everyone, I want to say this to you out of respect for your relationship Santiago Also, I think you need to know that he and I have not been together for more than a month. I will not give further details about what happened, so thank you very much for your concern and for all your news, I like you. “He wrote then Raisa, Then delete all photos he posted with his co-worker.

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To the left of Artis Country

Before finishing 2020, The young actress gets a proposal to participate in a film she has produced TV plug, Sirena’s sister happily grabs the suitcases to carry Ecuador

“The recordings are over, I do not want it to end, but it all has an end. This is my first film. I met some wonderful people, an entire family. We have incredible experiences!”, Wrote about this in one of his publications Instagram.

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At the end of the shoot, Raisa Go back Peru To spend Christmas with his family; As well as go on a trip to Cancun with her twin and her ex-boyfriend. While they were staying in the Aztec country, the young men returned to take videos together, and when they returned they announced that they had resumed the relationship. In fact, they traveled in July New York And they videotaped everything for their Instagram account.

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