Zakończenie misji ewakuacyjnej w Afganistanie 31 sierpnia było rekomendowane przez wszystkich dowódców wojskowych na miejscu - oznajmił w oświadczeniu w poniedziałek prezydent USA Joe Biden. Dodał, że był to najlepszy sposób, by ochronić siły USA i cywili.

US President Joe Biden said in a statement Monday that ending the evacuation mission in Afghanistan on August 31 was recommended by all military leaders immediately. He added that it is the best way to protect American forces and civilians.

And in a statement published about the mission that ended just before midnight on Monday, the president said so Leaving Afghanistan, as originally planned, was “the best way to save the lives of our soldiers.” and to allow civilians to leave Afghanistan in the coming weeks and months.”

Earlier, the Pentagon said that fewer than 250 US citizens remain in the country.

I have asked the Secretary of State to further coordinate with our international partners to ensure the safe exit of all Americans, Afghan partners, and foreigners wishing to leave Afghanistan. Biden announced, referring to the Taliban’s public commitment and a UN Security Council resolution that called on the Taliban to allow them to leave the country.

The world will keep them (the Taliban) at their word Biden said. The president added that US diplomatic efforts will focus, among other things, on the continued operation of Kabul Airport.

Biden announced that he will deliver a speech at the end of the mission in Afghanistan on Tuesday afternoon, US time. The president thanked the diplomats and soldiers involved in the “mercy mission” that succeeded in evacuating “tens of thousands more people than anyone could have imagined.” He also expressed gratitude to the volunteer groups and fighters who helped evacuate Afghan Americans, as well as “to everyone who will now welcome our Afghan allies to new homes around the world and in the United States.”

August 15, Taliban Take power over Afghanistanwin in Kabul. Since then, diplomatic personnel of foreign representations and citizens from all over the world have been evacuated from Kabul Airport.

Many Afghans, afraid to live in a country ruled by Islamic fundamentalists, are trying to flee the country. Thousands of people wanting to leave the country flock to and around the airport.

The head of US diplomacy Anthony Blinken said that the number of US citizens who remained in Afghanistan and wanted to leave the country ranged between 100 and 200, but it is not easy to determine precisely.

Many of them are long-time residents of Afghanistan. Many of them are dual citizens and have deep roots. For many, this is a painful choice – said the US Secretary of State. He emphasized, however, that America’s “commitment to them” continues, including those who have changed their minds about staying in the country.

Blinken stressed that in the past 18 days, US diplomats made more than 55,000 phone calls and sent 33,000. emails to US citizens in Afghanistan, giving them many opportunities to leave the country. He also mentioned that the eviction process was one of the most difficult of all He admitted that “tens of thousands” of Afghan Americans and other vulnerable Afghans remained in the country.

Our commitment to them has no expiration date Blinken said, adding that the United States would pressure the Taliban to allow America’s Afghan allies to emigrate.

A new chapter has begun in the history of US involvement in Afghanistan. Our military mission is over. Diplomatic mission started announced. At the same time, he announced that the US embassy in Kabul would move to Doha in Qatar, and from there it would coordinate, among other things, international talks with the Taliban to ensure that they fulfilled their promise to allow anyone who wished to leave the country, including “those who worked with the Americans.” “.

The Taliban wants international recognition. But any recognition or support they should deserve Blinken said. As he explained, it means, inter alia, enabling the free movement of people, fulfilling counter-terrorism obligations, refraining from reprisals, and respecting human rights.

The head of US diplomacy also announced that America will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, indicating that it will not flow to the new Afghan authorities, but among other things, UN agencies and NGOs.

Biden met the families of the soldiers killed in the Kabul attack

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