Kinga Zapadka about breaking up with Robert Kochanek.  He has a "manual".  accusing her of ignorance

You can read more about the fate of the participants of the “40 for 20” program on the website

The first version of the program expired a few months ago “40 for 20”. The show got a huge viewership, and the main characters in the production were 43 years old Robert Kochanek and 24 years old Bartosz Andrzejzak. The goal of the reality show is to break stereotypes about the difference in relations.

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40 for 20. Robert Kochanek in a frank conversation with Kinga

At the beginning of the relationship, Zborowska and Wrona had a hard time: the sparks went like hell.

After the program ends Robert Kochanek He got involved with Kinga Zapadka. Their history on the show was full of bumps. In one episode, the participant was sent home, but due to the resignation of her friend from the program, she had the opportunity to return. After this incident, the future spouses began to approach each other.

Robert Kochanek sharply about his ex-girlfriend. He accuses her of dishonesty

Fans asked Robert mistressWhether he misses Kinga Zapadka. The man admitted that you might miss a loyal person. In the case of his ex-girlfriend it was different, so it’s hard to tell. The topic about her was considered closed, but the fans did not give up and asked to check her actions. The former partner was to stand against the lover.

It’s so much fun, I’ll tell you honestly, because I didn’t hurt Kinga. I don’t know where it came from, until I became interested in it and check it out, because it is starting to get really interesting – said Robert Kochanek in InstaStories.

Kinga Zapadka is about to break the silence

Kinga Zapadka started getting many questions about Robert’s coverage on Instagram. One of the participants in the “40 for 20” program admitted that for a long time she had gritted her teeth and smiled sweetly. She declared that everything could change if “someone” continued to use her kind heart. Then he will share the evidence.

40 for 20. Kinga and Robert Kochanek split up. And Patricia with Bartik?

I wanted to calmly close this matter, but if someone continued to use my kind heart, I wouldn’t say anything else. I’ll just throw in the manual – commented Kinga Zapadka.

What clue do you think Kinga Zapadka might have in mind?

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