“Titanic”.  Alex Owens Sarno, 8, danced with DiCaurio.  What does it look like now?

James Cameron's film “Titanic” is one of the highest-grossing productions in the history of cinema. The film premiered in 1997. It has won nearly 60 industry awards, including 11 Oscars, and brought fame to many of today's leading actors.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio played the lead roles in the romantic disaster film. They both received Academy Award nominations for their performances in Titanic. Fans of the production perfectly remember many scenes with their participation that have gained cult status. One is the moment when Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) takes Rose (Kate Winslet) to a big dance in the third row below decks. In one of the scenes, a charming girl named Cora appears and Jack dances with her spontaneously.

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