'Time of the Blood Moon' is finally on Apple TV+.  There is a release date
We have good news for Apple TV+ users. The platform has finally announced when Martin Scorsese's film “Blood Moon” will be available on the platform.

“Bloody Moon” is coming to Apple TV+ in a week

“Blood Moon Time” It is an Apple product designed with the company's platform in mind. Apple introduced the film to the world in May at the Cannes Film Festival, and in October, Martin Scorsese's latest hit hits theaters.

In early December “Blood Moon Time” It debuted in digital distribution. Now Apple announces this January 12 The film will appear on AppleTV+.

Listen to the podcast about the movie “Bloody Moon”

About the movie “Time of the Blood Moon”

The plot of the film was based on the best-selling and well-known newspaper report in Poland under the title “Time of the Blood Moon: The Osage Killings and the Birth of the FBI” feathers David Grana. The author describes a series of murders and mysterious deaths among tribe members who own oil-rich areas. It also shows the behind-the-scenes investigation of J. Edgar Hoover into the case. First Scorsese and Eric RothThe co-screenwriter wanted to tell the story from the point of view of Tom White, the agent in charge of the investigation. They planned to assign this role Leonardo DiCaprio.

At some point I realized I was making a film only about white men. This means that I approached the topic from the outside, which worried me a lot – said the manager.

Scorsese and Roth then decided to rewrite the script, changing the perspective from which the story would be told. The new version focused on another hero – Ernest Burckhardt, a World War I veteran who married Molly, a member of the Osage tribe (Lily Gladstone) She acquires the right to dispose of her property. The role of Ernesto eventually went to DiCaprio, who played Tom White – and was reduced to a supporting character – Jesse Plemons. The cast also included: Robert De Niro, John Lithgow, and Brendan Fraser.

Trailer for the movie “Blood Moon”

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