February 4, 2023


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Blanca Lipska rose on the set!  "It lit like a torch." [PLOTEK EXCLUSIVE]

Blanca Lipska rose on the set! “It lit like a torch.” [PLOTEK EXCLUSIVE]

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Blanca Lipinska Appeared at the official premiere of the movie365 days: This day ”which was the culmination of her work in production. The author of popular erotica revealed to us the feelings that accompanied her while working on the set, and it turns out that there are also negative ones.

Blanka Lipinska angry at the costume pawn

Blanca Lipinska admitted some time ago that she collaborated in creating sex scenes in her Movie 365 days: this day. And revealed on Instagram the secrets of filming these. As it turns out, these shots are tough not only for the actors but also for the creators. So Lipinska lost her temper.

I got up twice in my outfit column, but I can’t say why. This will remain our sweet secret. The crisis was averted, but in reality – it shot like a torch. It only happened to me twice. Then I politely calmed down, apologized, and said: “I am now back, very polite and polite” – I told our journalist.

When asked what kind of boss she is, she assures her that she is strict and fair.

You have to ask the people I run. I have a distorted view of myself, just like everyone else. I think I am very fair. I am very demanding, very strict, very assertive. I’m a table guy, and I’m reckless, but I’m fair.

The celebrity has also revealed how work is going on the new production, whose characters are slated to be an erotica composer and a bassist. She also said if a celebrity breakup is a good idea Scenario Movie. Listen to the recording that we attached to the article.

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