This need for speed was going against the grain.  EA should try games like Porsche 2000 more frequently

18 house 2024, at 20:00

Need for Speed ​​couldn’t find its place in the modern era. Sales are good, but character is missing. Replicating traits from the Underground in NFS Unbound is not a character yet. In times of great diversity, the Porsche 2000, for example, shines.

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This may come as a surprise to some, but sometimes racing has to be about the cars. About cars and racing. To have a good leadership model. Plot, expressing yourself through neon lights in a car and rebelling against the police or picturesque festivals are nice diversions, but sometimes what you wrote about in the first sentence is enough. Of course, if we serve it correctly. Need for Speed: Porsche 2000 (In the United States of America, for example Porsche unleashed) You did it very well. Perhaps even the best in the series. Well, today it’s a slightly forgotten version. He is deafened by it the most wanted I Underground, which arrived a moment ago. In addition, it is a niche segment because it focuses on one brand. However, on its release day, Need for Speed ​​blew everyone away.

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A risky but picturesque turn

Need for speed At that time, it was on an upward trend, the subsequent parts pleased with its graphics, players were enthusiastic about the available cars, the arcade driving model and the atmosphere of illegal racing were enjoyable. Porsche 2000 It was a move against the grain, and a very bold move on EA’s part at the time. It moved towards realism and additionally focused on cars from one brand. Fortunately, Porsche has produced so many interesting cars over the years that there is enough for this game. Players loved it Porsche 2000.

There was a lot to love about this game. On the day of the 2000 premiere V Need for speed Stunning graphics and details of cars and paintings. Not only were the roads good to drive on, they were also great to explore. It was beautiful and atmospheric. As much as the computers of the time were able to achieve – we felt as if we were actually driving through the Côte d’Azur, Monte Carlo, the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Black Forest or the magnificent highways.. The atmosphere is complemented by colors and an excellent soundtrack. Our struggle was accompanied by electro and jazzy techno, which well reflected the unique aura of car racing. This is the music we’d rather hear at a club that’s a little more exclusive than a typical weekend party.

Starting the engine

Even the best visuals won’t help if the game isn’t good. Quickly forget such beautiful crap. Need for Speed: Porsche 2000 However, it was great (at least in the PC version; the console version is a slightly different game), which is why it has maintained a cult following even many years later. This is despite the difficulty of reaching it.

Dear EA, Do you have a reputation that needs to be restored? If so, it would be useful to start, for example, by releasing a modified version Porsche 2000. Or HD remake. Or just a rough edit, adapted to modern systems (even back then the game allowed for some cosmic accuracy). Some movement is needed because today Turning on NFS requires several steps. Whatever version the company decides to do, it’s worth keeping the essence of the game. This is excellent and stands up to date.

Many paths

The game didn’t have an open world, but it was packed with content. In addition to the single-player and multiplayer races, we get two long and very different campaigns.

Factory Driver presented a series of challenges on test tracks and streets. We had to prove our capabilities through increasingly complex and precise maneuvers performed in a timely manner.

For me, the essence of the game was evolution. It’s a full campaign that we raced through later stages, and as we progressed, we moved into different eras of the car industry and bought newer and newer Porsches. We have never had worse fun Undergroundzee Tuning and vehicle settings, there is even an option to make simple stickers. The level of challenge rose with each subsequent race, and the victories were simply satisfying. There was something very inspiring about this situation, a certain respect and a real passion for leadership. The creators of the game reached an agreement with Porsche and drove some legendary cars on professional tracks.

The care was also evident in the attention to detail. Today in the afternoon Forze Nothing special, but the ability to see your car from every side, look under the hood or into the cockpit – gave some real pleasure. The in-game encyclopedia deepened the impression that we were interacting with a fully professional woman.

above all – Th Porsche It was a great trip. The game captured the driving spirit of these German horses well. Modern cars were a challenge because of their power and agility, and we had to get used to the front-wall cars. And improve your skills, because repairs in this game cost money (yes, the damage model has also been carefully implemented and well combined with the economy). Porsche 2000 He took no prisoners, but it also gave a lot of fun in the arcade. Then EA achieved an almost perfect balance between simulation and arcade.

And the fact that the game is so simple, elegant, and fun made it so much fun to come back to. As long as computers and game availability allowed us to do so. I now think of this series NFS Struggling hard for identity and position in the market, it would be nice to return to a simpler, more universal aesthetic. And give it to new players.

How to play Need for Speed ​​Porsche 2000 today?

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