This NASA device will turn our perception of space upside down

The US space agency provided an animation of the robot being created as part of the program Mars Sample Return Program. The goal of the mission is to deliver samples from Mars to Earth. According to scientists, it is supposed to contain traces of life that once existed on this planet.

NASA announced that in 2027 a lander with two helicopters will fly towards the Red Planet. Originally, the rover was supposed to appear on Mars, but scientists have just decided to take over its role Two first class helicopters. Creativity is the first drone to fly to an alien planet. NASA is currently exploring vast areas Jezero Craterand find interesting places to explore the Perseverance rover.

Now we can see what the probe itself will look like. Scientists want to equip it Advanced robotic arm. Thanks to it, the probe will be able to capture samples dropped on the surface by the rover and helicopters and place them in the vehicle for subsequent shipment to orbit, and from there to Earth. According to the European Space Agency, the arm is autonomous and includes an array of sensors, two cameras, and a handle that assists in capturing and delivering capsule samples.

Scientists make no secret that they are pleased with the simple construction of the drone. They planned that the device would only take a few flights, but it already has more than 40 flights and the end of its possibilities is nowhere in sight. The engineers decided that instead of designing and building an expensive rover, You will use two drones.

As they explain, two rover-sized devices can do it faster Delivery of samples to the vehicle, which will take them into orbit and send them on their way to Earth. In addition, if one of the helicopters is damaged, the other will take over. In the case of the rover, this would not be possible.

Scientists think that is unknown to us Organisms can be found along the streams of rivers and lakes. Research suggests that it could have a biological form, that is, similar to ours, but do not exclude the appearance of completely alien creatures there as well.

Meanwhile, the mission plan is to deliver samples from Mars into Earth orbit by rocket Mars ascent vehicle in the year 2033. There to be captured by the Earth Return Orbiter probe. You will land in the Utah desert. Scientists are almost certain that the samples contain traces of life that once existed on Mars. And so, in 2033, we will witness a breakthrough in the study of the universe.

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