May 30, 2023


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This margin will be a fall hit.  It works like a face lift

This margin will be a fall hit. It works like a face lift

Celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith believes that this hairstyle will be very popular in the coming weeks. According to the expert, the new autumn-winter season will belong to her. Soft shapes and gentle lines are now back in grace.

This fringe is a great suggestion for all women who want to update their image, but do not want to change or dramatically change the length of their hair. Interestingly enough, this cut may also appeal to people who…don’t like fringe.

The inverted brim is not your usual fringe covering your face. On the contrary, she reveals her mouth and makes it better. Hair is gently lifted for a more intense effect.

This hairstyle subtly rejuvenates and acts as a face lift. The effect is enhanced by an asymmetrical side part.

Tom Smith advises: “For best results, first straighten your hair in the middle of your head and blow-dry it before moving your hair to one side.” – As a result, you will get maximum hair lift – the expert explains.

And what to do if the strands begin to fall out during the day and fall off? The hairstylist has an easy way to do this. It is enough to disperse on the other side. Effective exhilaration will return.

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