January 30, 2023


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The master of the world attacks sharply.  The Chinese regime has been defeated.

The master of the world attacks sharply. The Chinese regime has been defeated.

Olympic Games In Beijing, they stirred up controversy even before their release. There were many voices saying that China They should not organize such a big event. All because of the violation of human rights in this country. The exceptionally persecuted ethnic group of St. China They are Uyghurs.

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“Now we have a season like 2014/2015”

Poland’s historic performance at the Olympics has been cancelled. fatal information

“In 2017, China announced a program to combat terrorism and Islamic extremism. The victims of this plan are the Uyghurs – an Islamic ethnic minority living in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in the northwest. Hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs have been sent to “re-education camps” there, being exposed To torture, intimidate and deny them a sense of belonging.The biggest drama unfolding there is the so-called “demographic genocide”. woman They are forced to undergo sterilization until they are no longer able to have children. They are also subject to birth control. Families that the authorities believe have a large number of children are punished with fines and even imprisonment. According to the Associated Press, between 2015 and 2018, the number of births dropped by 60% in two Uyghur-populated regions dramatically. “- We wrote on Sport.pl in March of last year. For this reason, some countries decided to boycott the diplomatic process. On the other hand, the Chinese call similar accusations “lies”. To prove that Uyghurs are treated by the Chinese as equal citizens, A Uyghur athlete has been allowed to light an Olympic torch.

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Criticized the President of the International Olympic Committee in his country. The Chinese regime has been defeated.

criticism also met International Olympic Committee For such a choice of the host. Felix Neuwerther, a former German alpine skiing actor, spoke strong words on the subject for German media. – Thomas Bach [prezydent MKOl – red.] The Chinese regime was defeated. was part of it. He said that all games are a political ball German Quoted by the portal fr.de.

Beijing Olympic Figure SkatingThe regulators’ threat succeeded. Vice Olympic champion withdrew from the next start

He was asked if the Germany They could organize the Winter Olympics in the future. The next session will be held in Italy, but the question of the 2030 Olympics is still open. – I can’t imagine it. The selection criteria must change dramatically. Germany would be the perfect host given their enthusiasm for the sport. However, society will find it difficult to accept the costs. I would like the organizers and the athletes to say more, the German thinks.

Neureuther also criticized his compatriot’s behavior during one of the medal ceremonies. German skaters Tobias Wendel and Tobias Arlt won the Olympic gold. Bach was present at the ceremony, but only for a moment. After taking a picture of the winners, the president of the International Olympic Committee disappeared before handing out the medals. It should be noted that Germany had to undergo a quarantine in China a few months before the Olympics in appalling conditions. But Bach did not care about this at the time. – It wasn’t about the athletes, it was about the attention of the media. For me, said Noether, it’s a symbol of where the IOC is heading.

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