This compound is used in industry, medicine and everyday life.  A new photocatalyst will help produce it

Usually, scientists have used the phenomenon of anthraquinone synthesis process for this purpose. In its framework, anthraquinone, an organic chemical compound, is combined with palladium-based materials and catalyzes the oxidation of dihydrogen to hydrogen peroxide and oxygen from the air.

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What if photocatalysis were used for the same purpose? This reaction relies on the absorption of light, although the solution itself was of little use because of the need to use catalysts that react poorly with sunlight, require difficult access to reagents or were not sufficiently active during the reaction.

A photocatalyst developed by scientists from China allows for the efficient production of hydrogen peroxide

In order to change this, the authors of the post are available at nature energy developed a new photocatalyst that can be used to produce hydrogen peroxide from water and oxygen using photocatalysis. Scientists from Jiangnan University and Tsinghua University are behind the breakthrough. The photocatalyst itself consists of a compound used, for example, to remove metals.

To evaluate the activity of the new photocatalyst, members of the research team irradiated a glass bottle with the solution using a solar simulator. Then they heated it to 80 degrees Celsius. As it turned out, the photocatalyst had a near-infrared efficiency of 1.1% at 940 nm and a high solar-to-chemical conversion efficiency of about 1.2%.

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By combining our photocatalyst with photoconverting materials, we can raise the local temperature just by irradiating it with light, reducing the need for external heat sources, our work shows. In addition, our goal is to develop a scalable prototype device for SA-TCPP hydrogen peroxide production using only air, water and sunlight by optimizing the reactor design and reaction parameters. the authors concluded

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