Although this reaction is weaker, it is superior to nuclear fusion.  A great alternative has gained another argument

Although the above combination has enormous potential, which humanity will likely benefit from one day, engineers would still like to find more affordable alternatives. One might be nuclear inactivation, which is much easier to perform in laboratory conditions.

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More precisely, it is about the phenomenon of neutron removal, which can be an energy source similar to that in the case of a thermonuclear reaction. What does this process even involve? As a result, a neutron is released from the moving nucleus by colliding with another nucleus. As a result, one nucleus contains one fewer neutron.

Nuclear fusion, the Sun’s primary source of energy, requires specific pressure and temperature conditions to be replicated on Earth. Scientists are making progress in this field, but they still face difficulties. Establishing the phenomenon of neutron removal is much less difficult. For this reason, we are talking about an attractive prospect.

The neutron removal reaction, although much easier than nuclear fusion, can produce similar amounts of energy

Scientists point not only to the potential for energy production, but also to other applications, such as radiation therapy. Research into the mechanism determining neutron transport in weakly bound nuclei has been ongoing for years. Its authors try to understand this mechanism as much as possible, which should translate into knowledge of the secrets of nuclear reactions.

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In the experiments, the engineers used lithium-6 and bismuth-209, two different isotopes that were to undergo a neutron-removal reaction. After performing the required phenomena, members of the research team compared the collected data with the results of nuclear fusion reactions involving the same isotopes. As it turns out, the transfer of neutrons between nuclei can produce a product similar to the effects of a thermonuclear reaction.

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