This cat weighs 19 kilograms.  Now she and her owner are on a diet

Obesity is a disease that can have serious health consequences not only for humans but also for animals. When Kay Ford discovered a cat with a really big carcass at a shelter in Virginia, she decided to help him. I got approved to adopt him, and now they’re both on a diet together. The first small success is already here.

Spots – which in Polish can be called Łatek – is white, with gray spots. He lives with his owner in Hanover, Virginia, United States, and still weighs a lot, although he is on a diet. It will definitely steal your hearts.

The previous owner gave him to the shelter, apparently because he couldn’t handle caring for such a giant. In the middle, animal size dominated the other shipments. It still shows an impressive voraciousness. He weighed 19 kg.

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Fight for health

Fortunately, the cat was spotted at the shelter by Kay Ford. The woman decided to support him in his struggle for health and a good figure. They both started diets. – Well, we’ll do it together. It’s true that the vet didn’t say I also had to lose 50 percent of my weight, but he had to — she told of her pet.

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Łatek has a lot of fans who follow his breath-taking weight loss process. The animal exercises, plays more, and eats healthier. To date, he has managed to lose a kilogram.

Main image source: CNN

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