March 26, 2023


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Medvedev will be active again.  "We thought the G7 countries would offer Russia financial aid" |  News from the world

Medvedev will be active again. “We thought the G7 countries would offer Russia financial aid” | News from the world

Dmitriy Medvedev After the joint statement issued on Saturday, he spoke of the G7 countries (Germany, the United States, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan) that they will not recognize the borders that Russia will impose by force. German head Ministry of Foreign Affairs also accused Russia To wage a “grain” war and spread conflict around the world (a blockade of Ukrainian grain could lead to starvation in Africa and the Middle East). The Group of Seven countries also Ukraine On permanent and comprehensive support covering military, financial and humanitarian matters.

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Putin will not be held responsible for war crimes in Ukraine. Expert: There will be no eggs in court

Dmitry Medvedev responds to the statement of the Group of Seven. ‘Russia does not care’

Medvedev, deputy head of the Russian Security Council, referred to the position of the Group of Seven. former president i Prime Minister He decided that Russia was not interested in whether the G7 would recognize the occupation of Ukrainian territory.

Russia does not care if the G7 recognizes it the new The borders of Ukraine, the true will of the people who live there are important. “Do not forget the precedent in Kosovo, Western friends,” he said in a telegram, and Medvedev was probably referring to the forced referendums to be organized by the occupiers.

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Russo-Ukrainian world destroyed. It will last for generations to come.

Then he commented sarcastically on the statements of the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven, who announced the continuation of sanctions against Russia. Medvedev joked that Moscow was expecting offers of assistance from some of the world’s richest countries. Quoting Medvedev, Medvedev wrote: “More will be imposed on Moscow. We thought that the G7 countries would offer Russia financial assistance for the de-Nazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. We were wrong.” RIA Novosti. The Russian party made the claim of de-Nazification of Ukraine Advertising since the beginning of the war.

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The politician wrote on Telegram: “Kyiv will receive weapons as long as they are needed. This means that the G7 will continue to wage a secret war with Russia, instead of dealing with the fuel and food problems of its dissatisfied population.” Finally, he said that the G7 countries’ appeal to Beijing should do so China They did not help Russia, it was an interference in the internal affairs of that country.

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