SPVM does not have enough staff to stop the danger in downtown on June 24 and it is working hard for the Montreal Canadians’ next game at the Bell Center tonight.

The Mont-Real City Police Department (SPVM) has sought the help of Sarat to Quebec (SQ) to fill its staff.

SQ mobilizes nearly 400 police officers in the city of Montreal to mitigate the excesses of what happened on June 24 during the Canadian victory in the final of the conference against the Golden Knights of Las Vegas.

In total, for the fourth game of the series, nearly 2,000 police officers will be ready to intervene in the city of Montreal, the Place des Festival, and the Esplanade of the Olympic Park, where Canadian matches will be televised on the big screen.


Of them, 175 special agents will form five or six regiments to intervene. About 200 square police officers will also go there to support the SPVM members already there. No one wants to update what many officials call the “June 24 Pontocol”.

“We almost escaped that evening,” said CH, a member of the SBVM intervention team. Said during the excess of the last match won. Our police officers were surrounded and we did not have enough staff. ”

“We were so badly organized that our riot police started firing gas even at neighboring stations against their own comrades,” said a senior Montreal police officer.

Bad Forecast

According to three sources consulted by our Bureau of Investigation, it was hot at SPVM headquarters on June 24, and one of them said, “It was not due to a heat wave.”

Montreal police officers did not expect enough police officers on the ground on June 24th. There were only 600 people that night.

According to our reports, director Sylvain Coron is not happy with the turn of events.

The next day, he would have ordered several safety equipment and requested the Olympic ground to provide urgent training to officers in maintaining order and using force.

SPVM, which promises that the current fiscal year will be in deficit, will have to pay a steep bill.

All volunteer police officers would have been asked to report for overtime work for Game 4 of the series against Tampa Bay Lightning.

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