They transformed the faces of the game characters into realistic ones, and the effect was sometimes grotesque
October 6, 2023 at 2:08 pm

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Popular YouTubers have shared material online bragging about implementing effects for game characters’ realistic faces. The consequences of their actions are sometimes horrific.

Image source: YouTube, Corridor Crow, 2023


YouTube channel Corridor Crew posted: “We’re trying to put realistic faces in video games.” As the title suggests, The creators took nearly a dozen of the game’s characters and, using the Stable Diffusion XL AI image generator, rendered the characters in a slightly more realistic incarnation..

During the 17-minute film, the creators sit on the couch and watch the effects of their work. The heroes touched by the invisible hand of AI are: Aloy from the series HorizonLara Croft Z Tomb raiderCommander Shepard Z Mass effectSarah Morgan is StarfieldAnd for dessert, even Mario from the platformer series Super MarioAlthough this attempt was very annoying and best forgotten.

Interestingly, The effects presented – despite the clear enthusiasm of the creators of the material – did not win the approval of the audience. The comments section below the video is full of opinions that the original, imperfect artistic vision of the vast majority of creators is much better.. The flawless faces in the “reproduction” (well, except for Mario) look like they were created with an Instagram filter. Here are some sample comments:

A perfect example of why art style and character always exceed whatever standard you set for “realism” – @drunkhas.

Yes, Lara Croft looks like she’s gone from spending hours in a dank cave exploring heroine to Instagramming cosplayer in a temperature-controlled photo studio; I did well! – @kevinfu5100.

I watch it and still prefer a lot of the originals. Many AI-generated photos look like they were taken using an Instagram filter. There are no defects. They all look like they have perfectly smooth skin, like they spent 5 hours in the makeup chair – @lawnjart16.

The community was also angry at the words of Corridor Crew co-founder Niko Pueringer, who said in the material that players can only create a strong bond with perfectly designed, realistic-looking characters. In order to justify the creator’s false belief, viewers began to cite examples of game heroes from the 90s who – although they were often pixelated mush – won the hearts of millions of players around the world.

Corridor Digital is an American studio based in Los Angeles. She is known for producing short films related to popular culture. In 2016, the studio became popular for its web series Accelerates Inspired battlefield. For some time now, videos have been appearing on the Corridor Crew YouTube channel where members of Corridor Digital evaluate the visual effects of various films, TV series, and video games. For some time now, creators have been under fire for using artificial intelligence to reproduce copyrighted works (trans Player). Corridor Digital has also been criticized for the animations it created using artificial intelligence (via dexerto).

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