They met years later.  Gołota’s former competitor posted a video – o2

The fights of Andrzej Gołota and Riddick Bowe are an indispensable part of Polish boxing history. Their first fight took place on July 11, 1996. The Polish boxer clearly had the upper hand over the American favorite, but in the seventh round he was disqualified due to punches below the belt. The scandalous end of the fight caused a major storm, and quarrels broke out in the stands between boxing fans.

The quickly organized rematch took place on December 14 of the same year. The fight was almost identical – Gołota dominated his opponent, and again took several blows below the belt, disqualifying him in the ninth round. After this fight, Bowe put his professional career on hold for almost 8 years.

More than 27 years after their first fight, the former opponents had the opportunity to meet again, as Bo himself recorded on his TikTok account.. A short video clip of the friendly march of the former boxers caused a sensation among fans, who drew attention to the poor condition of the American.

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Of note is Poe’s heavily stooped figure and his slow, shuffling gait. The short recording also seems to prove that the American is having some trouble expressing himself.

The topic of Poe’s health problems has been around for a long time. The retired boxer was supposed to have an exhibition fight with the former player on October 2, 2021 NBA Lamar Odom. However, the fight was canceled due to the condition of Gołota’s former rival.

Let’s remember that Bo wanted to appear in the ring to improve his terrible financial situation. In 2015, he declared bankruptcy, and he is still suffering from its effects today.

According to many experts, the origins of Bowe’s health problems can be traced back to the bloody battles he had with Gołota 27 years ago.. The video posted on TikTok on Sunday has certainly worried many fans of the American boxer.

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