Robert Lewandowski is being robbed in Barcelona.  Football "thief chase"

Robert Lewandowski He certainly wasn’t expecting Thursday’s training to start this way. The day before, he and his teammates were enjoying the opportunity to play in the rain. The club eagerly posted pictures of the sessions on social media. The next day, two men tried to rob him. As reported by “Sport”, Lewandowski stopped in front of the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper gate to take pictures with the fans. Then the thieves seized the moment.

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Lewandowski stole in the same training center

Journalists reported that two men (age is not specified) approached Lewandowski’s car, opened the passenger door, and took a cell phone and a watch. It was meant to be removed from his wrist. on reaction polishing The striker did not wait long. “Lewandowski drove off in a car to chase them” – we read in the article.

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The thieves hid the watch behind a tree near the scene of the theft. Lewandowski was lucky that Mossos de Esquadra (the Catalan police) officers were on the scene. According to the source, the perpetrators were wronged by the Polish, but then they were stopped by part of the police. The officers stayed at the entrance gate of the training center F.C.B Until 18:00.

Sport did not write down the sentences for the two men for trying to steal Lewandowski’s phone and watching it. It is also not known whether Lewandowski gave any explanations to the police. It can be concluded, however, that the 33-year-old recovered his belongings.

This is the first unpleasant situation of its kind Lewandowski in Barcelona. However, he is not the first Pole to have been attacked in a car. A few years ago, Arcadius Milic was attacked by Napoleon thieves. There were two of them, too. The men cut him off, put their rifles on his head, and took his watch. You can read more about this case here >>>

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