They lock them in solitary confinement for a year.  Russia is preparing to invade the moon

Six Russian volunteers A year-long simulated space mission has begun as part of the Sirius projectWhich will study the impact of prolonged isolation on human health and performance.

crew Sirius-23 entered a simulated spacecraft at the Moscow Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP)Where he will spend 360 days in a closed environment. IBMP is a research institute specializing in space exploration experiments with a 60-year-old tradition.

Interestingly, The SIRIUS project is a joint project between IBMP and the NASA Research ProgramBut although the US agency is an integral part of isolation research initiatives, it is not actively involved in the SIRIUS-23 mission.

This decision is said to be due to budget constraints and competing priorities at NASA, although it can be safely assumed that it is primarily about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.. Especially since the agency remains committed to other ground-based simulators, such as CHAPEA and HERA, and continues to explore opportunities, both domestic and international, consistent with the research objectives of future human spaceflight missions.

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