They have found a new kind of magnetism.  Replacement magnets can transform electronics

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Until now, it was thought that there were only two types of permanent magnets. The first to be discovered were ferromagnets, which can be found in refrigerator magnets and compasses. In the 1930s, French physicist Louis Niel discovered another type of magnetism, called antiferromagnetism, which exhibited magnetic properties associated with AC spin. The latest discovery shows that this may also be the case The third type of magnetismnamed Alternative magnetism.

Alternative magnetism has finally been confirmed

In principle, the replacement magnets will be similar to the antiferromagnets, but the rotating plates will look the same when rotated at any angle. The scientists are led by Juraj Krempaski of the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland Confirm the presence of the replacement magnetmeasured the electronic structure in a manganese telluride crystal, which was previously thought to be antiferromagnetic.

During the study, they examined how light reflects off the crystal to determine the energy and speed of the electrons inside. After mapping them, he found that they match almost exactly the predictions made in simulations of alternative magnetic materials. The electrons were split into two groups, which should have allowed them to move further in the crystal, resulting in mutual magnetic properties.

This discovery could be very important for the entire electronics market. The new type of magnet does not produce external magnetic fields, so devices using it will not interfere with each other. The lack of interference also makes it possible to accumulate data more densely in hard drives and memories.

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